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Day 67 - Off the Para Anchor

Another frustrating day on board Flying Ferkins. Although good news is that they¬†came off the para anchor this morning [Woo hooo]. Surface wind and swell making it hard for¬†Andrew & Guy to row. Nothing the boys can do but be patient and sit it out. Hopefully good progress will start up again tomorrow. Congratulations to boat 88 Aud Eamus on reaching the shores of Mauritius! Also, a big thank you to Simon Prior’s dad for emailing some very kind words across to the boys. Although this is a race everyone has been so supportive of each other.

Please keep your comments coming. If you are reading this blog and haven’t commented yet then please register. Every single message makes a difference to¬†Andrew and Guy !

Distance made West:

Thurs 3nm

Tom out.

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24 Responses to “Day 67 - Off the Para Anchor”

  1. sedgly Says:

    guy. we are just looking a photo of you in some club, sweaty, with a beard. we think it might be simillar to what you look like now. obviously without the club and with women at a safe distance. although dell could be in the danger zone.

    i have also just seen chris pick his nose and eat it.

    i’l leave you with that thought, i’m sure it’l help with the rowing!

    hugs and friendly bottom pinches. xx

  2. trumpet Says:

    Sounds like it has been a tough/frustrating few days with the old para anchor out and all that goes with it.

    Hope you are managing to stick in there boys and that you get some favourable conditions over the rival boat. Nothing i’d like more than to see you start eating into the difference with every passing day, let’s get some big numbers up on the board.

    Remember…”your time will come”, but that means you’ve got to put your head down and get on with it for now!

    It makes me enormously proud to think about what you are achieving, let’s make it count.

    C’mon Ferkins

    Trumpet (Acorns Malvern Triple Run 5K Winning Team Captain….waaaa haaaaa)

  3. trumpet Says:

    p.s. Sharapova knocked out of Wimbledon a couple of days ago….still haven’t quite got over it. Also, the BBC did a feature on the women’s ‘grunting’ with a ‘gruntometer’ test. The loudest player recording only 10 decibels quieter than a plane at take-off!

    Nothing compared to what I’ve heard coming from Moses’ bedroom! waaa aaa

  4. JeremyChristey Says:


    just to let you know that guy was wetting himself when I told him this a moment ago .

    keep em coming.


  5. russ Says:


    Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote last - it’s been a manic week putting in some crazy hours with work and training with Jess for the Great North Run in Sept…

    Still keeping an eye on your progress and willing you on.

    It must be so frustrating trapped on the para anchor and seeing SC get away in a different weather system. It can all change so quickly though and we’re all convinced you’ll make up the mileage and beat those SC boys in a sprint finish.

    Not long until you break the 1,000 mile mark - bring on three digits!


  6. rossiteryachts Says:

    Hello there A & G
    Thanks for the name check in an earlier blog. You are doing phenomenally well - despite the days when it probably feels like you aren’t!
    In Churchill’s words KBO (ask a grownup if necessary)
    All our best wishes
    Charlie, Cris, Roger, Sally, Jenny, Alex, Dan, several Andys etc etc.

  7. Gail Drew Says:

    Hi there Guy and Andrew
    It’s just amazing to see how far you have gone now. Thought about you when I was walking through the streets of Horsham during the midnight half marathon for St Catherines hospice last week. Completed 13 miles in 3 hrs 20 - not bad for an oldie! Now how many times could I fit my half marathon into your rowing race Australia - Mauritius?? Could you work that one out for me when you are bored?

    Ps: How many shooting stars have you seen now then?

    We all miss you here at the office Guy and talk about you often Gail xx

  8. Ian Chorlton Says:

    hello chaps,

    Good to hear you are off the para anchor. You are doing absolutely fabulous boys so keep on rowing your oars off, not literally!

    I bet after finishing this race you will never complain about the weather on dry land again! I think I am going to buy you both Superman t-shirts as you are both super. Don’t worry, I won’t get you the cape and boots as well!

    You two are legends and I am a firm believer in the saying ‘good things come to those who wait’.

    Keep it up lads.

    The Hammer

  9. edsimpson Says:

    Chaps, just got back from the Comores and I can report that it’s definitely a part of the world worth a visit.
    Whist I was there we made a 30 mile crossing on a little fishing boat between two islands. As we made it out into open water the wind really picked up and we found ourselves being knocked about and getting soaked. In reality we spent only about 3.5 hours out in what was a pretty small swell but it felt pretty hairy. It only served to make me appreciate even more what an amazing feat you’re undertaking and how well you’re doing, especially considerring the weather you’ve encountered.
    Great to hear that you’re off the para anchor and ploughing on again.

    Lets go boys!!!!!

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