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Day 68 - ‘We’ve got a good thing going…..’

We’re both chilled and mileage is picking up - looks good for the next few days and we are looking forward to the south easterlys taking us north west.

We’ve seen a few ships on the horizon recently so we know we’re not entirely alone,  and it’s been great to talk to Simon Prior who’s on board Desiderata.

We have received the shock news that the legend Michael Jackson is no longer……………………………all tributes and jokes to the blog please!!

Andrew out

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437 Responses to “Day 68 - ‘We’ve got a good thing going…..’”

  1. Claire Says:

    Andrew was in full flow this morning when I spoke to him - despite a dodgy connection due to their breaking the arial on the phone (I think that’s what he said they’d broken)!

    Great to see them heading in the right direction again - thank you for all the positive thinking and thought transferring that’s been going on to speed them on their way……….:-)

  2. JeremyChristey Says:

    outrageous blog!


  3. xtina Says:

    Hearing the news about Michael Jackson ….. I personally loved Michael Jackson.
    He may have done things that other people do not like but alot of us loved him and will miss him and his fantastic music ….. so sad …..
    (Guy knew how excited i was, as just before he left i managed to be lucky enough to get tickets for August, at the O2)

  4. Craig Says:

    Chamone! He’s gone-but I think you should crank up Dirty Diana or Man In The Mirror as you bolt through those nm’s! Just think of Michael Jackass on Bo Selecta,that will make you laugh! Glastonbury is on this weekend-Neil Young is headlining,a load of old gash if you ask me,but you two might like him! Need Mr Hewson on that stage me thinks! Take care boys, Craig x p.s. ‘Assistant regional manager. Assistant to the regional manager’

  5. Andrew Says:

    Just to start you off : ‘the paramedics were wondering what to do about Michael Jacksons body so they decided to melt him down and turn him into an action figure so that children could play with him for a change’.

  6. Neil Says:

    Cant believe he’s gone…Chris Moyles played Man in the Mirror yesterday in tribute and I actually felt quite emotional! Reminded me of all those times listening to MJ in the first year of uni Guy…

    Jokes are flying around in usual bad taste style. Im not going to repeat any of them!

    Got a little quiz for you to keep those brains ticking over;

    If a man and a half catch can catch a fish and a half in a day in a half. How many fish will 6 men catch in 7 days?

    Ill come back in a couple of days with the answer.

    Definately keen for doing Barns Green in November. Itll be good training for the London Marathon next year.

    Keep on trucking.

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