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Day 69 - The Story of the Ferkin

Hi Guys,

We continue to make steady progress and are both in good spirits.  I thought I would take the chance to let people know a bit more about the Ferkin and the all important team who built her.  When we first decided to undertake this crazy challenge the Ocean Rowing Club suggested we speak to Charlie at Rossiters Yachts of Christchurch.  We made an appointment and went along to meet Charlie and the other members of the very friendly family run business.  Andy and I were amazed by what we saw and Charlie showed us other yachts built for ocean rowing.  The Ferkin is made from a Carbon Kevlar mix which has the all important qualities of being both strong and light, both critical for the high seas expected during the challenge.

So far the Ferkin has not let us down and despite some initial teething problems she is our trusted friend in which we have placed our faith.  She may even be in a good enough state to undertake another challenge, although not by us!

To find out more about Rossiters and even see some pictures of the Ferkin please visit the website:


Back to the rowing then and from both of us thank you to Rossiters - you know how to build a boat.

Guy out.

As today’s blog has been about the history of Flying Ferkins I thought it might be an opportune moment to tell you where her name comes from.¬† Andrew’s Dad had a speed boat when Andrew was quite young,¬† and he called it The Flying Ferkins.¬† Andrew has given the name Flying Ferkins, with the generous support of Guy, to this amazing boat in memory of his father.

Claire out.

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2064 Responses to “Day 69 - The Story of the Ferkin”

  1. JeremyChristey Says:

    cummon girls - I bet you’ll be tempted to have another go in her…

    [just read this in three months time]

    How hard can it be?!


  2. Claire Says:

    The story of the Flying Ferkins and how she got her name. Andrew’s Dad had a speed boat which he called The Flying Ferkins and Andrew gave the name Flying Ferkins, with the generous support of Guy, to this amazing boat in memory of his father.

  3. jenny Says:

    Very interesting to hear all about the Ferkin. You are continuing to do brilliantly. At least you are not on the Centre Court at Wimbledon which apparently reached 105f during last week!! The forecast is for a heatwave this coming week too! Keep going as we are all still willing you on.

    Jenny & Peter

  4. Helen Says:

    Hi tere guys.Sarah sends her best wishes. She ha stried to ring you but not made contact. She is ok, and has survived her capsize!!!! ( very scary).it doesn’t bear thinking about. She does still have a bit of choc….but you’ll have to fetch it yourselves!!
    Glad to see you are making good progress again , especially after the recent adverse weather conditions. Hope all still well. best wishes,

  5. suefish Says:

    Hi guys, have caught up with you “online” finally, although Claire keeps us very up to date with progress etc. You are doing so well - and we’re still in awe of you. Was trying to imagine what days of seeing nothing but sea is like…but couldn’t! But it seems like you’re making such good progress that you’ll be back on dry land before you know it - and yes, with a massive shopping list!
    Just a note on the boat and its name - can only imagine how proud your dad would be of you Andrew, indeed both of you. The name is a fine testament to both him, and your courage, skill and determination. Keep it up, we’re all still right behind you. Sue & Geoff

  6. Cris_Rossiter Says:

    Thank you for the kind words about your boat. We are all following your progress here at the yard. We are proud that you are doing the boat we worked so hard on justice! Your trials and tribulations give us plenty to discuss. Keep up the great work and we look forward to getting your comprehensive feed back on the boat when you arrive back in Blighty.

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