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Day 70 - Gone But Remembered Forever!

Hi everyone,Strange mix of weather we are experiencing at the moment.  We can go from small seas with the sun out to stormy conditions and really strong wind requiring the para anchor, which is frustrating.  The sun is out at the moment which makes a nice change.Both Andy and myself have been saddened to learn of the death of Jackson.  We took a fair bit of his stuff on the i-Pods and have been playing it today which has been strange.  My favourite song is Dirty Diana which I reckon is a classic, he will be missed but his music will last forever.Thank you again to everyone for your messages of support particularly of late Mark C, Moses and Neil Tutton.  The have lifted our mood lately and remind us that we are doing the right thing.Also whilst writing I would like to encourage everyone back home following our progress to get involved in this year’s Barns Green half marathon which is becoming something of a tradition in the Watts household and both Andy and myself have done it in recent years, even carrying an inflatable boat to raise money for the cause.  We would love as many people as possible to have a go at it later this year and hope to get a good turnout with a big meal to follow as usual.Andy and I did a food stock take earlier only to discover that our supply of flap jacks have gone mouldy early today which we are both upset about as they are a rare treat.That’s about all for now, but thank you all as ever we appreciate your thoughts and messages of support - they are very much keeping us going.See you all soon

Guy out

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3789 Responses to “Day 70 - Gone But Remembered Forever!”

  1. Tom W Says:

    Just logged in and pleased to get pole position on the comments.As ever top man tel boy….dirty diana is a corker although you can’t beat some of the early MJ stuff.What’s MJ best song, just putting it out there ? Still missing you every day bro.The story about Flying Ferkin is powerful and reminded me of why this event is about so much more than just a world record.Keep pushing boys.You set the standard.Tom,Kathryn & mimi lerouix xxx

  2. petesz Says:

    Hi boys! Good to hear that you’re pressing on. Am regularly reading the blog and checking the distance calculator on the home page. The latter says that you’ve almost hit 2,000 miles! Keep it up. That’s already a big achievement, but Mautitius is the target and I’m confident you’re going to get there. To be honest, Guy, I thought you’d make it from the beginning, and so far I haven’t been proved wrong - it doesn’t seem to be in your nature to give up easily :)

    Whatever you go through, keep it in perspective: it’s just a short time really!


  3. xtina Says:

    “Balls out rowing the whole time to get to the finish ~ the smell of the finish line really spurs you on!!
    Having contact and support boosted me so much out there”

    Helen Taylor fresh off Aud Eamus emailed me yesterday with her story of an excellent finish and left her kind words of Guy and Andy’s friendship in Geraldton and on her epic journey across the Blue.
    Love and congratulations to you Helen, from all of us here

  4. Moses Says:

    Great to hear your motoring on and surviving what must be very frustrating times sitting on the para anchor! Hope there is enough media on board to keep you both busy during these tough times! Any changes in your fave motivational or chilling music?

    Definitely count me in for another Barns Green 1/2 this year. Did one of the loops this morning and to anyone who hasn’t run it before it’s definitely worth a go, especially with the prospect of running with a couple of living legends!!


  5. andrea newall Says:

    Thinking of you so much and willing you on to the final leg of the journey. You are so close and doing so well - sorry to hear about the flapjack but have a great recipe for carrot cake which will make for your return! Love Clive and Andy

  6. Cuthbert Says:

    Hope by the time this arrives you are managing to do more rowing that para anchoring. Nearly down to the last 1000 nm. When you threw the flakjacks overboard did they attract any wildlife?

  7. trumpet Says:

    Barns Green 1/2 it is then! Shall we have a night out in Hove before though? Waaa!

    Balls out rowing sounded like fun so tried it in the gym this morning, but was asked to leave…they said it was “a family gym!”

    Favourite MJ song is ‘Human Nature’ from Thriller.

    Let’s get going boys, only about a 1000miles to go, so enjoy it while it lasts!

    Al says “good luck rowing your boat!”

  8. Craig Says:

    Dirty Diana is indeed the best - love the fact the live version is the first scene from ‘Moonwalker’ as well. Im a big fan of Man In The Mirror too “gonna make a change, for the rest of my life” Legend.
    Not sure if you heard - but the Lions lost the 2nd test to the South Africa and ultimately the series, we lost it on the last kick of the game. As ever, the saffa’s fought their way through the match - leaving 5 lions players needing hospital treatment!
    Was thinking of you both this morning as i was huddled into a train carriage, with my nose touching the back of someones head, with someone else squashed so close to me that i couldnt move - oh the joy of the commute! That is the one situation where i feel being on the Ferkins would be better - but only the one, theres no way i could do what you continue to do boys. So proud of ya - keep it up, i know you will be home so soon… Craig x
    p.s. “If you want the rainbow, you’ve gotta put up with the rain. Do you know which philosopher said that? Dolly Parton. And people say she’s just a big pair of tits.”

  9. Crazy Canine Says:

    Guy Watts
    2,000 miles (so far) across the Indian Ocean in a rowing boat …. you are seriously HARDCORE ! I’ll see you in Brighton , for beers, on your triumphant return. Kemp Town, I’m guessing !!!!

  10. JoRossi Says:

    Boys! Am definitely keen to do the Barns Green again, am already signed up to do the London Half too, get me. After that, if I’m still standing I’m going to put myself up for the London Marathon. Care to join me??

    Had a BBQ on Friday night at my house, where the usual troops came round. I had MJ’s greatest hits on repeat throughout the evening to pay our respects. I’m a big ‘Man in the Mirror’ fan myself, but love all his music.

    I have found several flapjack recipes of late, that go down a treat in my house, I’ll be sure to have an array for you to try when you row in!!

    You are indeed hardcore boys, I rowed for 10mins the other day in the gym and managed to get blisters on my hands. You are both machines!!! Respect to you both.

    Love to you both!! xxx

  11. Kathryn Watts Says:

    I am quite partial to a bit of “heal the world” :-) They said on the radio this morning that no.1 top download is “man in the mirror”. I still love a bit of Jackson Five, always cheers me up! as Guy says MJ will be missed but his music will last forever. Trumph come to my work gym “balls out rowing” is all the rage, silky short shorts are a must have! Xtina, Amelia and I will clap you as you run around Barns Green that is the Watts girls family tradition, get exhausted just watching!! Come on boys and get home safe and sound please! Kx

  12. segenhoe Says:

    At last I can write again. My user name seemed not to be accepted so I’ve just re-registered and am making contact again. Gillian and I have been reading all the blogs. Whilst you’ve benn rowing we’ve done Ireland (with our friends from Canada), I’ve been to Slovenia and Gillian to Caro in France. She’s off to Spain on Saturday. It was Yasmin’s 4th birthday party on Saturday and was celebrated in the garden of Mark’s flat with 12 other children The entertainer was a princess (photos when you return!) and she was a great success.

    You really have been making progress. It must be so frustrating when the conditions are agaist you but you’ve broken the back of it now and it’s downhill all the way.

    Yasmin came to hear me play the organ in the local church St Giles-in-the -Fields last Friday and was so excited by the power of it. She sat on the stool with me and pushed some stops in and out

    Hope I’ve taken your mind of the rowing for a few minutes. Keep at it. Think of your great-uncle. He’d be proud of you.


  13. chrisandsamthew Says:

    Yo Thew is back, Guy, Sam & I have just come back from two days down in dorset, went to Bournemouth and was remembering the carnage that happened when I came down for two nights, I didn’t even make it ubtil 10pm that night, way too much alcohol! Anyhows, keep pushing lads good to see diirty diana is kicking, what about Billie Jean in the silver fiesta, windows down system up, oh my days they were the days! Over and out. Thewy

  14. Claire Says:

    Thought I’d enter you both in the Boston Marathon for September…………! Remember doing it all those years ago Andrew?!!!! Would be a walk over or should I say row over for you now!!

  15. Bertie Says:

    Hi Guys, I know its a couple of days late, but the guys I work with have pulled together some Michael Jackson jokes for you. I’m afriad I had to censor some of them but here are a couple of the less offesive ones:

    Reports of Michael Jackson having a heart attack in hospital are incorrect. He was actually found in the children’s ward having a stroke.

    MJ’s upcoming tour will NOT be cancelled due to his death. He will be replaced by an 8 year old violin player, so audiences still get to watch a kiddie fiddler perform.

    Michael Jackson suffered chronic heart failure last night after discovering that Boys 2 Men was a band and not a delivery service

    What’s the difference between michael jackson and alex ferguson? Alex ferguson will be playing giggs in august.

    Sorry… No, really, sorry.
    Keep it up, you guys and what you are doing is amazing.
    x Bertie.

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