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Day 72 - Beaufort Scale

Guy and Andrew have experienced a variety of wind strengths on their trip across the Indian Ocean. The measurement of these wind forces were made into an objective scale created in 1805 by Sir Francis Beaufort, an Irish-born British admiral.  Before this there was no standard scale, so naval weather reports were subjective.  The scale was made standard for ship’s log entries on Royal Navy vessels in the late 1830’s and adapted to non-naval use from the 1850’s.  In 1906 to accommodate the growth of steam power the descriptions changed to how the sea, not the sails, behaved.  The scale runs up to force 12, a hurricane.  

Guy and Andrew faced force 9 gusting 10, in the storm of May, which in the open ocean is seriously intense. ¬†These winds hit over 50 mph (45 knots) classified as a ‚Äústrong gale‚ÄĚ with wave heights over the top of a chimney on a two storey house. That storm created extensive damage when it hit land and meanwhile it had turned Southern Cross over for seven minutes on it‚Äôs path through the fleet. ¬†The trend for the wind at this point will be more with them than against, more commonly being under ¬†force 3-4 which is just about rowable depending on which direction that it comes from. However, the possibility of a severe storm does still exist, either coming up from the Southern ocean or a tropical cyclone down from the equator. ¬†Lets hope that all the crews continue to face calmer seas with favourable winds and currents for the remainder of their row to Mauritius. ¬†If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below, we’ll endeavour to get back to you directly.

Flying Ferkins Support Crew out.

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2628 Responses to “Day 72 - Beaufort Scale”

  1. rossiteryachts Says:

    Good to see you storming along! It should be a breeze from the 1000m mark. Sorry - runniing out of limp windforce metaphors. We always rather liked the force 7 description “whole trees move”!
    Good luck & keep going and rowing.

  2. Ian Chorlton Says:

    Ahoy me hearties,

    Great to see you are now coasting along nicely, that’s top banana.

    I was quite sorry to hear about Jacko the other day as well. He was one of my favourite artists when I was younger. Name me someone who can dance better than he could, I am struggling to think. Usher is the nearest one I can think of.

    I have a certain stag do to go to at the weekend so I might try my Moonwalking, I hope they allow that in Newcastle.

    ‘Alreet pet, that dancing is bonny alright’. Aye, that’s champion!

    Dirty Diana, what a song. I think I am going to get on Napster and get some more Jacko tunes on my mp3.

    Glastonbury looked pretty amazing this year, I really wish I had gone now. I have decided I am definetely going next year so if you are up for it then i’m game. I particularly enjoyed the Franz Ferdinand performance, that looked mad. It made me chuckle seeing someone in the crowd dressed as a Telly Tubby.

    My mum and dad say they are going next year which does concern me. I am struggling to imagine them crowd surfing, especially considering they are now grandparents!

    Del, I just want to say your mum is fantastic as she has been a great help to me the last few days.

    Anyway, enough of me blabbering on, you keep on going and ride those waves dudes, excellent!

    From the Hammer and the Poisoned Dwarf.

  3. sally newall Says:

    Hey boys,

    Just checked your progress. Amazing. Not fun from SC now. Go get them. xxxx

  4. sally newall Says:

    I meant to say, not “far” from SC, obviously.

  5. The Laws Says:

    Guy & Andrew, this is so exciting and you are both doing just great. We cannot begin to understand what you must be enduring but you have our utmost respect. As the days go on you seem to be picking up more followers particularly the famous & of course the infamous! With all the experience you have gained, perhaps you will be asked to join the British rowing team. Keep up the good work - there are certainly a lot of us willing you on.
    Guy, I saw you’re mum at work window dressing, so popped in - we ended up having quite a long chat & not sure she got too much work done that morning. Your ears must have been burning!
    Roger & I watched James Cracknell & Ben Fogle “Through Hell & High Water” at the weekend. It was amazing and not many people have any idea of the preparation beforehand, let alone the experiences you have endured. Amazing, admiration, respect, endurance are words that come to mind.
    OUr questions are: 1. Do you have spare parts for your water maker & how to disassemble, mend & reassemble it if it goes wrong? 2. Do you have spare water but get penalised if you use it like James & Ben? 3. Ben & James lost lots of stuff when they capsized - do you keep more stuff stowed than they did? (Yes, it does conjure up the lost buckets!)
    Perhaps you would tell us more about your preparations?
    Wow, you really did do well over the last 24 hours and hope this continues. We are all behind you so keep rowing. WELL DONE!
    P.S. Theresa, the girls & I took part in the Race for Life on Sunday and was very, vey hot, but nothing compared to what you are going through!

  6. trumpet Says:

    Afternoon boys,

    Well done the last few days…excellent progress, just keep going and it will happen for you.

    Australian cricket team in Worcester this week playing England Lions, drove past the ground with Ali this morning, then watched a bit on TV.

    1st test starts next Wednesday and I’m going on the Sunday. Ashes fever!

    After failed attempt at ‘balls out’ rowing the other day, saw a bloke in the gym trying ‘balls out’ stretching after his session on the treadmill. Not great!

    Still, have got twelve lovelies lined up for ‘ladies spin’ at 6.30pm so that should serve as a refresher. Lovely job.

    Better stop Ferkin around and do some work “one second my love!”

    Trumpet xx

  7. xtina Says:

    Trumpet ~ marky in de parky

    “Balls out rowing” ~ nothing on the Bexhill Boys at the very start of the race!!!
    We were all waiting for the race to be officially started, a mile or so out from Geraldton beach, when suddenly all four boys stood up in their boat, starkers each with very long white socks attached to you know where ~ wonder if it was caught on camera? Our boat rocked with laughter!!!


  8. Dione - Petit Says:

    Hee hee Tina that is hillarious - wish i’d been there for that!!! ;)

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