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Day 71 - Rolling over 2000 nm

Good positive attitude onboard Flying Ferkins for the start of a new week as the boys approach the big 2000nm. Presently in a South Easterly wind giving them a good rolling sea. Due to these favourable conditions Andrew and Guy have driven some good mileage Sunday. If conditions hold we should get another good day today! The boys beaten the 80 longitude mark and continue to count down the degree’s [77 longitude as I write this]. Each degree is one step towards Mauritius and remains a great motivational tool.

Some lovely comments and a few very, very funny comments! Please, please keep them coming bloggers. If you haven’t blogged for a while then get busy with the comments.

Distance made west:

Fri 26th        23nm

Sat 27th        45nm

Sun 28th 39nm

Mon 29th 42nm

Tom out

Click here to donate money for the fight against the spread of male cancers and support Orchid, the boys chosen charity.

To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

6 Responses to “Day 71 - Rolling over 2000 nm”

  1. chrissyg Says:

    Hey you guys, can you get Wimbledon on the boat?! Murray’s in an epic with Wawrinka, two sets all and they’re playing into the night!! Well done on all your further progress, I collapsed off the ergo after 15 minutes on Saturday and wondered with awe and tremendous respect how on earth you are going for hours at a time - you would both be members of the month down my gym I can tell you that!! I was just saying to Ali Dirty Diana’s my fave MJ track, I knew you had good music taste Guy, do you remember when we stayed up all night listening to the Rocky IV soundtrack with Tom!!!? Anyhows, keep going strong, will check in again soon. Love Chris & Ali xxx

  2. Dione - Petit Says:

    Congrats on passing the 2000nm mark you leg-ends!! Bring on 3000 and the countdown to dry land (and more importantly the beer!!)

    Absolute ferkin oarsome progress - keep going and keep each others peckers up!!!

    Petit xx

  3. russ Says:

    Boys - great work on smashing through the 2,000nm mark it really is down hill from here! Some seriously impressive 24 hr runs as well lately - I’d like to think it was motivated to speaking to us on Sat!!


    It seems like there is huge interest in running this event so (after speaking with Tom) I’ve volunteered to get a team of Indian Ocean Race / Orchid runners together to run the 13.1 miles and raise as much cash as possible for the boys and Orchid.

    Can anyone that is interested in entering (or if you’ve already got a place) email me at russ.jefferys@gmail.com please so I can work out numbers. And if you have any thoughts on how we can make it an event to remember and one last push on the fundraising let me know.

    Keep those SC lads in your sights fellas - this one’s turning in to an epic!

    Russ x

  4. xtina Says:

    Saw John and Gloria on Sunday, was so happy to hear you guys had all been able to catch up together.
    Has Guy written that Best mans speech yet? He’s had some spare time so no excuses.

  5. Weldon Says:

    Guys - Well done for getting this far, keep going, we’re right behind you (metaphorically speaking). A fantasic effort for a great cause thats close to my heart. P.S: Please finisgh quickly as Guy’s sister-in-law (Kat) is doing our heads in at work worringing about you both.
    Take care and may you have blue skies, calm waters and strong currents (towards the finish line).
    Weldon : )

  6. เว็บหวย Says:


    Team MSS - Andrew Delaney & Guy Watts Indian Ocean Rowing Race Blog 2009 » Blog Archive » Day 71 - Rolling over 2000 nm…

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