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Day 73 - The Naked Truth

It’s an amazing feeling being 10 weeks at sea. Scarey how you can spend so much time on such a small craft. Nice feeling as it comes towards an end, definately different feeling onboard the boat given the end point is now in sight. Really pushing hard. Pleasure to speak with Sarah Outen (everytime we speak with her!). Given us some good helpful advice. She is quite an inspirational person, please look at her website. She will be the first female to cross the Indian Ocean, an incredible feat in itself. Watched James Bond movie ‘The World Is Not Enough’ which was cool. Good to get some time away from things. Sores coming back for an encore, big white heads abosolutely disgusting. Found a couple more apple crumbles, apple pies and lucozade bars. Nice to find these stashed away. Last day of June and hitting 2000nm was a nice feeling. Next big target is to clear the 1000nm to Mauritius marker. Always working out statistics in my head, thanks for that dad.

I’m having to row naked because of the sores, fair to say it’s not a pretty site. Amazing day today beautiful weather, planning on cracking into some Haribo tonight! Andy & I planning on speaking to Helen (rower on boat 88 Aud Eamus) tonight as well. She became good friends of ours in Australia. Helped fatten us up with chocolate & doughnuts. Right guys thanks alot for your support. Looking forward to seeing you. Neil, we will be back in time! Cheers Greg, take care Tom and see you later on.

Guy Out

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2184 Responses to “Day 73 - The Naked Truth”

  1. trumpet Says:

    Dione….could make that happen for you when you and the boys come to stay next weekend (no jokes about needing only ankle socks to cover up!)!

  2. Dione - Petit Says:

    Trumf i would never suggest you boys would need ankle socks……was actually gonna suggest foot socks……lol!!

    I was gonna warn the lads that they might need to remove this blog as you were so carried away with the ‘balls out’ rowing i thought this ‘naked’ rowing may push you over the edge!!!

    Boys - keep up your fantastic efforts and hope you’re not taking too many pics at the moment as the encore from the sores doesn’t sound too appealing - to me anyway, not sure about Trumf!!

    Bring on the last 1000nm - go for it!!!

  3. Claire Says:

    Well it’s all happening here in the UK, we’ve hit 1st July ………..what a summer: Ascot’s been and gone, we are well over half way through Wimbledon and isn’t your namesake Murray doing well! And it’s Henley this week with the annual trip to the river this year without you ……………..we are going to be doing a lot of ‘this time last year’ …… in 2010.
    We are on countdown for the final 1000………….x

  4. Goldie Says:

    Couldn’t sleep …. was thinking about how you are getting closer and closer and closer to the finish. Just came to the blog to say:

    keep going!
    keep rowing!!
    keep smiling!
    :) :)


  5. Helen Says:

    Hi guys, So sorry to hear that the”sores” have come out again..tell themto go away and not come again!! Fresh air and Z+ C oil cream may help…not a pretty site I’m sure.
    Sarah’s in good spirits again…I believe you have a spot of good wind coming your ways soon. Hope it will last and last so you can all get to Mauritius soon.
    GB has come oput in sympathy with you all….very hot weather at the moment.maybe someone thinks we need training for when we pop out to meet you all!!. I am so glad I am not playing tennis in all this heat.the sweat was literally dripping off th eplayers today………I can’t play it very well anyway…couldn’t at school either.
    Here’s to the final push ..well final 1000 nm then..nearly the final push. Take care, God speed and Good Winds!!!

  6. caz Says:

    Hi guys

    Am so pleased to hear the end is in sight and you have managed to find a few more apple crumbles to keep you going!

    As always Orchid is so grateful to you both for taking on this incredible challenge and in turn doing so amazingly well. We cant wait to hear all the stories when you return.

    Take care and stay safe

    Caz and The Orchid team x

  7. stuart.baty Says:


    Was out on a night ride the other night and thought of you two clowns in the middle of the ocean. You are getting there so keep hammering away……

    Also caught up on the blogs and saw the MJ stuff and appropriate songs for you both:

    Rock With You
    Speed Demon
    Just Good Friends (?)
    Can’t Let Her Get Away
    Keep the Faith
    You are Not Alone

    and finally……as two apparently straight men, alone in a boat for 3 months……rowing naked…….BEAT IT?!? ; )


  8. Andy B - Dorking Says:


    I can only reiterate my friend, colleague and brothers comments - you are doing so, so well. Saw a clip of cracknell and fogel’s atlantic challenge the other day and you are making them look like amateurs!

    Keep those oars moving and beat it!


  9. Ian Chorlton Says:

    Just thought you would like to know it is national beard week!
    No contest then. Good to see you’re in the last third now. Going on Craig’s stag weekend in Newcastle tomorrow.

    Andrew and Ian

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