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Day 78 - 1000nm to finish!

Moods and attitude¬†remain¬†upbeat onboard Flying Ferkins under the adverse current. Another major milestone broken today as their distance to finish is¬†1000nm. Although making a westerley direction isn’t easy they have managed to claw some back. They are sitting at 74 degree’s longitude. Weather ahead for the week looking better.

Distance made West:

Tues 30th 50 nm 
Weds 1st 49nm
Thurs 2nd 16nm
Fri 3rd  4nm
Sat 4th  17nm
Sun 5th  -1nm
Mon 6th  12nm

Please, please keep the comments coming bloggers. If you haven‚Äôt blogged for a while then let’s see some action.

Tom out

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10 Responses to “Day 78 - 1000nm to finish!”

  1. JessicaJohns Says:

    Hi boys

    Congratulations on breaking the 1000 nm to go! That is unbelievable! You are often in my thoughts and our conversations although you’ll be aware that Russ is a better blogger than me. We are currently training for a meagre half marathon and I’ve got to say you are a frequent inspiration. Everytime I cry out to Russ that I can’t go on he reminds me what you’re going through and it really helps although just makes me think each time how amazing you both are for your achievement. Enjoy the last 1000 nm, oh and I’ve been meaning to ask - have you been able to catch any fish to eat at all? Jess xx

  2. Dione - Petit Says:

    Bring on the last 1000nm - row for all your worth boys, you can do it, put your backs into it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amazing effort so far and you’re on the home straight so keep focused on the feeling of pride ( and relief! ) you’ll feel when you hit Mauritius!!! And if that doesn’t do it then think of the food and beer!!

    With HUGE admiration
    Petit x

  3. fionawatts Says:

    Congratulations for passing the 1000nm mark, how exciting!! You are both doing fantastically. Our thoughts are with, bring on Mauritius! Love Simon & Fiona xx

  4. xtina Says:

    LOVE THE 70′S ~

    anyone else love the 70 ‘S ~ and the 60’s even better come on ~

    Flying Ferkins Fly
    Fly across the Blue
    1000nmiles to go
    only three numbers
    left for YOU!


  5. Ann Mann Says:

    Only 1000nm to go, you guys have cracked it. I’m sure it seems like forever for you both, but the days are flying by.
    Watched Ben Fogle and James Cracknell in the Antarctic last night. I hope for your mothers’ sake you are not thinking of attempting anything like that next!!
    Seriously though, we are all watching your progress in admiration. Keep rowing, hopefully the worst is behind you!
    Love Ann, John and boys.

  6. Cuthbert Says:

    Hoped you celebrated breaking the 1000nm mark, congratulations. Now over 2/3rds completed so well on the home straight - hope the winds and tides sort themselves out and you can get some good distances under your belts. Still awash with admiration here.

  7. JeremyChristey Says:

    party-pooper here

    back up to 1005 miles this am, still hanging out under para anchor and drifting a little back East.

    they should be off it late today or tomorrow morning and heading West again.


  8. Claire Says:

    thank you Jem for the update - it really is nerve wracking at the moment!

    please no one mention any more possible adventures - nailing them to the floor comes to mind - whatever happened to those days when we strapped them in their pushchairs!!!! :-)

  9. BobnGail Says:

    Well done men. 1000 to go, and it is all downhill from here! As I get tired watching somebody run for a bus, you will understand my admiration for you both.
    The BBC has been covering the Ocean Angels arrival in Mauritius, so I hope you will be a little more covered up when you row up to the finish!
    Keep it going, keep the Ferkin Flying!
    Best wishes

  10. wendyking Says:

    hello boys,

    you have done so amazingly well!!!!!! keep up the good work!!. we all are thinking of you at Bard and quite often comment on what is happening out there. I hope they have got a first class room waiting for you at the hotel in Mauritius, im sure a decent , comfortable nights sleep is long needed!!!!!
    Take care of yourselves and keep rowing. You are on the home straight now.

    love wendy and ryan. xxxx

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