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Day 83 - Blue Whale

A big day for the boys on board Flying Ferkins. They have made a good Westerley direction today covering 46nm! However, the weather conditions are likely to be unsettled for the next 12 to 18 hours. Presently 915nm from Mauritius and sitting at 73 longitude. Still pushing hard for that 70 longitude  milestone. Whilst watching an amazing sunset last night Andrew and Guy witnessed a blue whale [the size of a double decker bus] circle the boat! Unbelievable experience.

Thank you to everyone for your input and positive comments. Another BIG thank you to the Flying Ferkins Support Crew who speak to the boys daily.

Distance made West:

Saturday 11th July: 46nm

Tom out

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To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

11 Responses to “Day 83 - Blue Whale”

  1. xtina Says:

    How fantastic to be so close to a Double Decker size Whale!!! That must have been oarsome!!!

    “Scarey” is what my little Granddaughter has learnt to say recently, but she’s talking about my two ragdoll cats who come up to her, maybe sometimes too close.

    Can’t wait to see the photograph, sunset too!

    MIss you loads Guido.

  2. Goldie Says:


    glad ur having a whale of a time

    (christmas cracker joke 372!)

  3. xtina Says:

    Love it Karen…

    The Blue Whale is the largest mammal, possibly the largest animal ever to inhabit the earth. Its body is long, somewhat tapered, and streamlined, with the head making up less than one-fourth of its total length. Its blow holes blow tall, straight and over 20 feet (6 meters) high. It is blue-grey in colour, but often lighter grey on a darker background. In the Southern Hemisphere they reach lengths of 90 - 100 feet and weigh over 100 tons. Females are larger than males of the same age 150 tons. They feed on Krill (small shrimp like creatures!) - up to 40 million a day.
    Normally seen in pairs, they are fast, strong swimmers, capable of reaching 30mph when alarmed,cruising normally at about 12mph.

  4. JessicaJohns Says:

    Wow - I am compelled to write again only a few days after my last blog since you set off, firstly because of the whale experience which must be one of the most memorable of the race so far, & second because I got a mention on your blog! I don’t care if you have been deprived of home-cooked meals for 83 days - I am taking it as the biggest compliment that my lasagne got a mention (let’s face it even tesco ready meal lasagne would probably do right now…)! I promise to supply lasagne (and beer) for the next boys night in Caversham! The others can make a donation to Orchid for the privilege…. xx

  5. Lina Says:

    Hello you two, like I said to Sarah I am back and recovering well from my op! What an amazing experience it must have been for both of you sighting this wonderful mammal…….and the sunset, Hope the weather is not too rough on you, but anyway I think there is so much excitement in the air( I can feel it from Xtina email and comments) you are about to experience a great Welcome Party, size of the Whale, in ” Ile Maurice” …Chin up and keep Rowing, you have just been so amazing!!!!!

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