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Day 84 - The Sun has got his hat on!

A bit of an enforced rest day today - we are waiting for the westerly winds to die down later before we can make headway again to Mauritius.

It has been really overcast for the past two weeks but today the sun is shining and we are taking the opportunity to charge up all the equipment.  We have had to ration water supplies as the water maker is reliant on the sun shining too, so hopefully by the end of today we will be fully charged and on our way west again.

It’s looking good for next week so we expect to see the miles dropping.

Pleased Lina your shoulder is mending.  Craig hope you had a good stag do - will call Cat before the wedding, sorry not to be there.

Spirits are bouyant and we are so happy to be in the last 1000 miles - really can’t wait to get to Mauritius and see everyone.

Andrew out

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2124 Responses to “Day 84 - The Sun has got his hat on!”

  1. Katie Says:

    I can’t believe you were circled by a blue whale…how amazing is that! In your words Del…Geeeeez!
    Hope everything is re-charged, and that you can drink your water!

  2. John Says:

    I hope the weather passes over quickly so you can get rowing again. It will be so good to see you eating into those remaining miles over the next week. So I hope the week ahead is a good one! So stay strong, row hard and eat up the miles! We will be willing you both on!

  3. admin Says:

    A message from Website admin.

    Tina (Guy’s Mum) has sent us some photos that she took in Geraldton in the run-up to the race start. They are in the photo gallery. Have a look.

  4. Cuthbert Says:

    Hope the water and weather sort themselves out, but to be circled by a blue whale - that is AMAZING!

  5. Craig Says:

    Boys - its been a while! So sorry i haven’t been blogging, have just got back from holiday in Santorini. Was lovely there, even spent some time on a boat - it did have an engine though…

    When i got back to our flat in Balham, i had a look through our free local newspaper ‘the wandsworth herald’ and in it was a full page story showing pictures and an explanation of the four girls who finished the indian ocean race! Another reminder of your amazing feat…

    Del - i guess you have heard, but Michael Owen has signed for Man United! I missed the story as i was away, but i can’t believe it!
    Not sure if you are the interested in the cricket, but we drew the first ashes test late last night, Monty Panesar holding out with the bat! Ricky Ponting was not amused, but that of course makes it better

    Guy - i have got some well good songs i know you will like by a couple of new bands, and some old ones too! One is very Killers-ish but better, got two Paul Van Dyk songs and also some 1960’s prog rock - all brilliant obviously. I am looking forward to hearing them via the Cyrus…

    Hope you two are keeping those moods up, knowing your getting that much closer each day must be helping. I know you will do it safely and in front of those southern cross boys…
    p.s. “Under strengths you have put ‘accounts’. But that’s your job isnt it”

  6. Claire Says:

    Those pictures bought it all back Tina - how long ago was that!!

    Jeremy have you any spare nails to bite please!!

    Andrew & Guy I’d like to see the mileage down to 850 next time I log on (later this evening)! :-)

  7. trumpet Says:

    Boys….the nation is Euphoric after a battling and hard-fought draw with Australia in the 1st Test at Cardiff. We and my mexican amigos were there to see it all (inc. Tom, Moseltoft and Dione Petit).

    Best moment of the day was when Monty Panesar of all people batted for over 60 balls without getting out and the crowd started singing “Monty is a Welshman, Monty is a Welshman, la la la la, la la la la!”

    Close 2nd was having a picture taken with….you’ll have to wait and see.

    Hope you get the chance to put your foot on the gas very soon and reel in the other boat.

    Still v proud.

    Trumpet (Barmy Army) xx

  8. xtina Says:


    Starting to forget what our boys looked like!


  9. Royds Says:

    G Bear,
    I’m not sure if you require any motivation and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure whether what I’m about to ask of you warrants the title “motivation” but can you hurry up and finish. For the last 94 days I’ve spent 5 minutes each day checking up on how things are going and it’s starting to take its toll on me - I’m exhausted. Not to mention the fact I’ve lost nearly 8 hours to your race! Yeah, we’re all proud of you both and you’re both doing a fantastic job, but come on, get yourself to the finish line pronto then we can all get back to normal!
    Love you

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