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Day 87 - Counting down the days……………!

Not as sunny today but the conditions are still generally good.  We are counting down the days and are pleased to be moving steadily west.

We haven’t seen any more wild life, we are still swooning over seeing the Blue Whale - which we believe could well have been the Pygmy Blue Whale that hangs out in the Indian Ocean,¬† apparently smaller than the more commonly seen ones though at 26m average we wonder what it would have been like to see a bigger one!! Flying Ferkins is only just over 7m long!!

Thank you to you all for the continued support - we are both happy and chilled, Flying Ferkins is doing us proud and we hope this ‘downhill’ run is a speedy one!

One last thing - Happy Birthday Grannie!¬† Nice to be able to talk to you this morning……………….!

Andrew out

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To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

25 Responses to “Day 87 - Counting down the days……………!”

  1. juliadeburca Says:

    So exciting about the whale! It is just like Tom Hanks in Castaway, or was it joe vs. the Volcano? Not sure. Any way, keep rowing hard, so close and you don’t want those young scallies to win!

    Loads of love

  2. Gareth Says:

    Guy and Andrew. We are totally in awe of what you are doing and wanted to let you know that more people than you think are supporting and thinking of you on your amazing endeavour. I hope you stocked up with bagels Guy like you did before the NY Marathon, which seemed to do the trick then.

    Keep up the amazing effort we are all willing you home over the final stretch. Gareth, Carole and Max (you can meet him when you get back).

  3. SunSeaSharks Says:

    Great effort guys.

    Blue Whale sounds amazing. Sure the wildlife will be even better as you head towards land!

    Good job on calling grannie bro. makes me look bad as I’ve yet to do it…. ahem.

    Looking forward to seeing the sprint off towards the end against the other lot and seeing you both for a few beers upon your return.

    Keep strong,


  4. Ian Chorlton Says:

    Catherine and I have just checked the site. 52nm in 24 hours, brilliant!
    Catherine says thank you for the message the other day. Feels like the finishing line is almost in sight for you boys.
    Don’t forget we are watching your progress every day, so keep up the good work!


    Gina, Catherine and Jacob
    x x x

  5. johnp Says:

    It’s going to be tight - but I have a good feeling about which boat will be the next to arrive in Mauritius - and its not SC.

  6. trumpet Says:

    Nice work boys….the progress page on woodvale site makes nice viewing. Keep the faith!

    Trumpet xx

  7. Dione - Petit Says:

    Brilliant progress being made lads - keep up the amazing work and pushing on through to dry land - Mauritius preferably!!!

    Just want to give a big shout out to everyone working on these blogs - it’s fantastic to get daily updates and to feel part of this experience - all your hard work is very much appreciated so thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Petit x

  8. DarrenJones Says:

    I’m Darren, a colleague of Tom’s. Just to add a few words of support to you both and your incredible undertaking. It’s difficult to put into words how much I (and everyone else) admire what you’re doing and all for a brilliant cause too.
    Have been following the progress since the start and Tom keeps us all updated so you certainly have lots of support here.
    Keep up the excellent work! And think how good arriving in Mauritius will feel!!

  9. fionawatts Says:

    I wanted to add to Dione’s message, the blog is so fanastic and I know so many people are putting a huge amount of effort so we are all kept up to date.
    Si and I went to a comedy night last night and saw Tim FitzHigham who in 2005 rowed in a boat from the UK to France & then into Tower Bridge in a steel bath. He was a novice rower and ended up doing this because of a bet in a pub over a pint of beer. It took him over 200 days. It was a hilarious evening and his stories made me think of you both and the every day agonies you must be going through (the photos of his blisters were horrific). Keep it up boys, you are so close and we are all behind you.
    Masses of love Fiona & Si xxxx

  10. Ian Chorlton Says:

    Alright chaps,

    The progress now is looking sweet as a nut, back of the net as Alan Partridge would say! Del, I would like to think you have some Alan Partridge DVD’s with you in the boat, I am sure you have.

    The rowing you are doing every day makes me feel terribly unfit. I do 2000 metres on the rowing machine in the gym and I think that is a good achievement for me.

    You will love Mauritius when you get there, it has beautiful beaches, top notch curries, good beer and the people are fab (yeah, groovy baby). Well, the French did something right with Mauritius. It is quite simply the dogs b******s and is certainly worth the row.

    Anyway boys, loving the progress you are making and keep those oars turning nicely.

    Speak soon

    Chorlts out

  11. Cherry Says:

    Hey, I am so very excited for you both as you near the finish line. Delaney - massive respect! I can’t believe how much we talked and joked about this and now you have almost completed what is just the most awesome of challenges. What a journey…i just can’t imagine. I like that you have managed to phone your Grannie but Matt hasn’t!! He has no excuse! It must have been just mind blowing to see the Blue Whale…a moment you will never forget i’m sure. I will be wearing my Indian Ocean Row t-shirt with pride in the gym today! Good luck guys for the final push….so exciting! xx

  12. ashjs Says:

    Hey Guy and Andy. You have made good progress and are nearly there. Congratulations for such an achievement. Have been busy latly, as I have been to see WE WILL ROCK YOU!! in Birmingham. What a show and have just seen the new Harry Potter film. I am really looking forward to seeing you when you arrive back home. Good luck for the next few weeks.

    luv Ash x

  13. Kathryn Watts Says:

    Uncle Guy just to let you know 88 days is a long time in a toddlers life, Amelia (Mimi/bug) has changed so much as we bet you have too! she can now sing songs and I would like to share with you her unique version of the classic Baa Baa Black sheep:
    baa baa back ship,have wool?
    3 bags
    3 bag full.
    1 master,1 dame,little boy down lane…
    thank you master, thank you dame, little boy down lane.

    Hurry up and get home pls so you can join in and meet Mimi at “check out number 4 pls”…something else you will love!!! visiting Mimi’s imaginary shop! we are so proud of you……. xxx

  14. AngieandMartin Says:

    Fantastic progress as you enter the last phase. Incredible that over such a vast distance FF and SC are so close - RESPECT to all 4 of you. That party in Mauritius is getting oh so close.
    Row, row row, that boat fast across the sea.
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily end’s in sight yippee!!!!!!!

    In awe of your resilience and strength Guy and Andy.

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