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Day 92 - No gain without pain!

Press play to start.

The 750 mark mentioned in the podcast has been well broken as they have now passed the 600 mile mark.

Bloggers, keep those positive comments, questions, jokes, comments coming!

Guy out

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19 Responses to “Day 92 - No gain without pain!”

  1. JeremyChristey Says:

    guy - nice to hear your voice, but too much information mate…

  2. petesz Says:

    Nice message Guy… I can say, probably for the first time in my life, that I’m concerned for the state of your ‘nether regions’! Praying for Jesus to heal that little problem now!

    Perhaps more importantly, this race with Southern Cross is getting more dramatic every day. You’ve been swapping places like the Tour de France peloton all race!

    Speaking of which, you’re not the ONLY sporting event on this summer (though clearly the most impressive). Have the team kept you up to date on all the other goings on? Cavendish and Wiggins impressing in le Tour, England upsetting the Aussies (or possibly the other way round) at Lords, Cink narrowly beating Watson in the Open, etc.

    Having said all of that, Ferkins vs Cross is right up there in terms of contests at the moment and I’m delighted to see you’ve edged out in front again (if the race website is correct), so keep it up! I’m sure the sores will be worth it when you hit home!

    Pete :)

  3. JeremyChristey Says:

    the progress website becomes more accurate for the direct comparison between SC and FF as the two boats come to be on the same latitude [the line parallel with the equator].

    So keep an eye on those miles!


  4. jules Says:

    Well done both of you on passing the 600 mark, can’t believe how well you’re doing! That podcast should have come with a warning attached though, some of us down under are about to eat dinner you know! Barf!

  5. Tom W Says:

    Hard to listen to that podcast Troy, winced through it. I just hope nurse Andy is onto it. Keep driving that glorious vessel towards Mauritius ! Obliterate the 500 nm marker.

    See you monkeys soon…

    Loving the banter everyone.

    Lots of love, tom,kathryn & me mi la rouix xxx

  6. johnp Says:

    I note that FF and SC are, according to a calculator, approximately 47nm apart from each other (assuming that the earth is a perfect sphere of radius 3443.9nm). So they are not within hailing or viewing distance.

    Keep rowing lads - the end could be within 10 to 14 days at your current rate.

  7. KatKnight Says:

    Guy….so nice to hear your voice. Neil and I are both really excited about seeing you soon. So happy to see all the hard work is paying off too, 580 miles to go, that ia AMAZING! Come on boys, final push! You’re nearly there! Keep smiling, you’re on your way to being record breakers!

    Lot’s of love,


  8. KatKnight Says:

    P.s - Keep this up and you’ll arrive in Mauritius on the 1st August! :o) Yippee! xxx

  9. jellers Says:

    Guy and Andrew
    Trudy and I are watching your progress on a daily basis and are amazed at how well you are doing. You are so close to the end, keep at it…sorry to hear about your “lumps” Guy….Beers on me when you get back, or Guy maybe even a Margarita (remember KL?)..

    Well done to you both…take care and be safe….

    Martyn and Trudy

  10. Katie Says:

    Frickin heck chaps I go away for the weekend and you are quite far behind SC, I come back and you guys have not only caught up but have overtaken them! Woooo hoooo! Keep eating and doing whatever it is that has given you guys your mojo!
    Really ballsie (sp?!) effort (sorry couldn’t resist!)! Hope everything heals!
    Just think about comfy sofas/cussions at the finish line!

  11. Ian Chorlton Says:


    Fan bloody tastic on the progress and for overtaking Southern Cross.
    Guy, sorry to hear about the old crown jewels my friend. I cannot even begin to imagine the discomfort, I am sure you do not need reminding! It is true what they say, no pain no gain.

    I can imagine a nice game of Volleyball would be in order on the beach in Mauritius after the big row.

    Now you have got Southern Cross by the jaffas keep on going. However, in my opinion, just to row the ocean is amazing and winning is a bonus. Knowing you two though, I know you will want to win which is what drives you on further and further.

    Keep up the hard work lads.

    Andy C-The Hammer

  12. fionawatts Says:

    Great work Guys, fantastic effort!! So pleased to see you’ve moved ahead of Southern Cross. Days now instead of weeks, you might even make it to Mauritus in time to kick back and relax with a cold beer to watch the next test of the Ashes (we went one nil up today by the way!)….

    We’re both willing you on to Mauritus!! Take care Si & Fi x x x

  13. trumpet Says:

    Just wanted to say England 1 - 0 Australia in the Ashes….Flintoff takes 5 wickets to seal the win.

    Keep rowing the way you are and you might just catch a bit of the next test at Edgbaston in about 10 days time!

    “I don’t like rowing..oh no….I love it!”

  14. nettles Says:


    It is awesome how far you’ve come - I am watching those little dots every day (have got people at work obsessed with the green vs. purple as well)

    So nearly there! Looking forward to having you back!

    Lozzy x

  15. stevechaffer Says:

    Sorry this is my first message, but so pleased your doing so well, sorry to hear about the problem with the old ball’s, Just think only a couple of weeks now, in fact days.

    I’ve been tracking you every day on line and reading the blogs, so a big well done to the boys who set up the website. And an even bigger well done to Guy and Del for getting this far.

    And a massive well done for taking the souther cross boys.


  16. russ Says:

    Lads - superb progress the last few days, it’s been really incredible stuff to watch.

    Guy, way too much information mate - I really didn’t need that particular update with my crunchy nuts this morning…!

    You’re on course to hit land in the middle of Cowes Week. I’ll be there all week (sadly working) but will keep checking your progress.

    The battle with SC is seriously hotting up - keep your noses in front and just remember this really is the final stretch.

    Much respect - Russ x

  17. Loubieloo Says:

    OH MY LIFE…….. you are soooooo close!

    Keep going, keep going, keep going. I am so excited. You are so awesome and i’m so proud of you.

    Row like you have never rowed before (but safely please)

    Huge love

    Loubie xx

  18. arron_dancing Says:

    gerrald - milk challenge when you get back. bet your a bit thirsty. Love you mate. arron

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