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Day 94 - The Home Stretch!

Hey Guys,

Hope all you bloggers are well. As you know we are now under the 450nm mile mark and absolutely thrilled to be on the home stretch.  Andy and I are enjoying the rowing conditions which are relatively calm with the weather a big improvement on the storms we have experienced over the last 3 months.

Andy and I have now broken into our last pack of Haribo and have some meals coming up which we have been saving as special treats.¬† Can’t tell you how much we are looking forward to standing on dry land although we both have some strange feelings and are coming to terms with the journey’s end being in sight.

As ever thank you for the messages of support which keep rolling in.¬† Particularly of late I would like to mention Gareth [looking forward to meeting Max!]¬†Evans, I’m sure I’ll be popping into Paragon to say hello to you guys. Also, a big thank you to everyone¬†making generous Orchid donations¬†Patricia Law, Mary Pascoe, Michael Fillery, John Leiper, Deirdre Pope, Dione Calnan and Frances Bryan to name a few.¬† I have asked Mum and Dad¬†to bring my laptop out with them so I hope to be e-mailing as soon as I have it set up.

Better get back to it, although these long stints are not helping our sore bots!

Thanks again and keep the comments coming.

Guy out.

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11174 Responses to “Day 94 - The Home Stretch!”

  1. petesz Says:

    I am well thanks.

    Sorry to hear about yet another part of your anatomy being sore though.

    That being said, you really seem to have some great momentum at the moment, with movement out on the water and positive feeling from everyone watching on, so keep going! As I look at the ‘latest news’ on your home page now, you’re already closer to 400nm than 450nm.

    When you say ’strange feelings’, is that a reference to some classic Guy Watts nostalgia (some say nostalgic moments aren’t what they used to be…)? More importantly, how will you cope in your first 24 hours without Andy?? Tough question…

    Anyway, keep going - loving the work.

    Pete :)

  2. Claire Says:

    OK Tina I think we need a supply of sudocreme - takes you back I think NOT :-)

  3. xtina Says:

    Funnily enough I was thinking the same. First time i saw it was on those scales at Cuckfield Hospital.Never thought it would sit on a boat for over three months, non stop! Normally hates sitting down.

  4. helent Says:

    I can’t believe how you’ve all managed to follow the boys for so long. I’ve gone from being out there rowing to one of the dot watching addicts in just a few days and it’s excrutiating. You all deserve a medal. Plus i know Guy and Andy have been sending thanks for the support but i just want to reiterate how much the messages mean. All those people supporting and following you is overwhelming but incredibly inspiring.

    Won’t be long now. Despite the exhaustion and the pain, the lure of land (and food) makes those final miles fly by. It’s amazing what one will do for a burger and a beer (there’s a McDonalds in Port Louis :) )

    Oh and medicated talc is a godsend for sore backsides (and backside sores) . Sorted me out in days. True my backside still resembles pizza but at least there are a couple of extra layers of skin on top!

    Helen (Aud Eamus - which just pales in comparison to this feat)

  5. xtina Says:

    So that’s ball’s out shopping for me his morning then

    Haribo pkt’s as many as poss’
    Minstrel pkt’s as many as poss’
    medicated talc
    hemp for hands
    running socks
    2 lookers two crookers
    and a wig wag


  6. whitaker Says:

    Still reading your blog daily and Sarah keeps us up to date. Can’t believe how well you have done and we look forward to the end. No more than you do I’m sure. Keep going lads. Love Bettie and Brian.

  7. JoRossi Says:

    Yoohoo! I can’t believe that you’re on the home stretch! Well done to the both of you! Can’t wait to see you.

    Guy, am really gutted to tell you that I can make it out to Mauritius, work would just not give in in giving me the time off, but I will ready for mass celebrations when you are back! Hopefully, you will come back and won’t think about rowing back across to Australia?

    Well if work won’t get me the time off, I’ll tell you one thing I can do. I can get you bulk supply of chocolate under the Nestle brand. So name some you like and I’ll make sure you and Del have a welcome home package of chocolate treats.

    So proud of you both!!
    Lots of love
    Little Jo xxx

  8. Claire Says:

    Good question, how will the boys cope without each other? they will miss each other I’m sure. A third of a year together in each others company 24-7 is more than most of us will ever do.
    Also all this talk of junk foods makes me wonder how their digestion will be after all this time on the dried stuff! It could take a while to get back to normal - or am I just being a kill joy! :-)
    No worries I will bring out the angel cake!!!

  9. Jen Says:

    Andrew, I have told Sarah there will be a large pack of Haribo waiting on the fridge in our flat for you to indulge in to your hearts delight courtesy of yours truly :) Row quickly and see you soon!

  10. Nicky Morgan Says:

    Many congrats on your fantastic progress. Makes me feel quite guilty that we have been lunging about on holiday. Hope your bottom is less sore - I’m sure all the parents reading this blog will recommend sudocrem for the sore bits! Keep going guys, land is nearly in sight!
    Nicky, Jonathan & Alex xx

  11. Helen Says:

    Hi guys!
    Sarah recommends Natracare’s Soothe and Calm cream for sore tender, nether regions…..well tried out recently I believe!!
    You are doing so wel, both of you!
    Looking forward to meeting you, I hope, in Maurutius!
    Xtina is so excited at the prospect of seeing you again Guy.
    I am excited too, at the prospect of seeing Sarah.

  12. Dione - Petit Says:

    I literally cannot get over how quickly you guys are flying that ferkin, it’s just too exciting to bear - but don’t stop, we’re obviously all loving it!!!!

    Getting sooooooooooooo close - hard to believe!!!

    Mucho love, respect and pride!


  13. Glenn Thomas Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I should have written a blog at lot sooner! Me and the guys have been following your progress at work every day. Think you both have done such a great job. At the start with so many people dropping out I wondered whether rowing the ocean was possible. It looks like your going not only to complete the race, but be the first pair home.

    Keep up the high work rate and the Southern Cross will have no chance of beating you to the finish line.


  14. russ Says:

    Keep it going lads, we’re willing you on to the finish. Really not long to go now - keep munching through those miles.

    R&J xx

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