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Day 101 - Title sponsor MSS - Guest Blog

As the boys draw closer to their ultimate goal, I look back at our experience as Team MSS main sponsor and what it means to us.

Guy and Andrew approached us by chance at IMPA shipping conference only in September last year, where MSS exhibit their trade of ship supplies to the marine industry. They were in desperate need of sponsorship for all the equipment for the Flying Ferkins. They saw that we supplied a lot of equipment to commercial shipping and by chance that sort of product crossed over to what they required.

After some smooth talking from them to our director Ricki, she came back and told me about the project. At first it went in one ear and out of the other, that was that, but as I would later find out, Guy and Andrew are persistent buggers ! After telling them to send through a list and I’ll see what we could do, the guy’s sent through everything including the kitchen sink, but, because they were so infectious with their passion and commitment for the project, how could anyone really refuse ?

So, Team MSS was born and I can honestly say that it has been one of the most valued and exciting events I have been involved in. Thankfully only some of the equipment has been used, why, because most of it is the safety items that the boys need to carry in case of any emergency, ensuring that they return safely! On the up side, knowing that we supplied things such as the Sat phone mean the boys can give us all the update which everyone has enjoyed so much.

I have only known the guys for a short space of time compared to most of the other bloggers, but I’m sure we will be lifelong friends, hopefully finding another challenge for them to do in the future, as can anyone see them pen pushing for the next few years….I think not !!!!!

Mike out.

Click here to donate money for the fight against the spread of male cancers and support Orchid, the boys chosen charity.

To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

27 Responses to “Day 101 - Title sponsor MSS - Guest Blog”

  1. The Laws Says:

    Fantastic progress and one last effort, the toughest but worth it! We are so excited for you and even had to log on before work this morning to catch the update. Then we had no internet all day - frustrating or what so had to ring Roger at home. The supense was killing me. Same as now for the 6 pm one! Chris sent a text to say that he & Tom had arrived in ‘paradise’ so all ready for your arrival! Have fun & hope you enjoy your deserved celebrations. Trish & Roger

  2. Goldie Says:

    Nearly there…



  3. xtina Says:

    Thanks Mike for that message -




    I wrote that on April the 5th ~ cannot believe we have been on that roller coaster ever since woooooooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    let me get off!!!


  4. Goldie Says:

    **Instructions for reaching land**

    STEP 1: Row like crazy until reach land

    Be careful exiting boat!

    Hug Parents



    Be Merry!



    Wake Up

    Realise is not a dream


    Look in mirror – check out beard (rabbi)




    Rest some more!


    Tell wild stories in a strange pirate voice

  5. andrea newall Says:

    Can’t believe that this might be my last blog as you are so close to home. Since you left we have been transfixed watching your progress sharing your frustrations and enjoying those moments when the ferkin has been flying. It has been an amazing journey for you guys which we have been privileged to share - so looking forward to seeing you when you get back. Enjoy the party and the reunion with family and friends. As always thinking of you both. Love Andy and Clive

  6. missnicolajames Says:

    50 miles to go!!! Amazing. You should be so proud of yourselves. xx

  7. chrisandsamthew Says:

    Guy, Del sends a tingle down my spine when I think when we meet next, cos it is incredible to think what you have been doing. Sam & I cannot wait to see you both. Hope all goes well for the last few final strokes of rowing. Cheers Lads.


  8. fionawatts Says:

    We have been watching with anticaption all day. Not long now boys and the celebrations begin. I can’t imagine what you both must be feeling about it all being over and what an amazing achivement this will be. Have loved being part of the blog and reading everyone’s messages, the amount of support is incredible. All of us willing you to the finish line!
    Keep it up - you are both making us so proud
    Masses of love Fiona & Simon xxxx
    p.s. jem please keep us updated with the eta

  9. jellers Says:

    Keep at it boys…so close now…we are watching your progress and wish you a great day tomorrow…..enjoy …wish we were there..

    See you on your return to old Blighty


    Trudy and Martyn

  10. whitaker Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS. Very well done and many thanks to your guardian angels! Now enjoy yourselves on dry land and lap-up your well deserved glory. Love Bettie and Brian.

  11. maryp Says:

    Fantastic achievement. So impressed by you both. Wish we could have been there to greet you, but will make up for it when you are home. Revel in your celebrations, can say now ’see you soon’. Lots of love mary and john

  12. xtina Says:

    Andy & Clive

    Just to let you know ~ Gemma arrived early this morning!! All good here.


  13. Goldie Says:

    Woke up this morning and checked mileage straight away. The screen says that at 6am there were *only* 30 miles left. I can remember a time when our geography teacher would have been impressed if we could merely identify where Australia and Mauritius are.

    This is a historic day. Well done gentlemen! You have shown great courage in battling the seas. At every step from the concept to the finish you have displayed determination, strength and most importantly humour. It has been gripping to watch your progress online, from the terrifying storms of week one to the sound of a whale at night. Through this challenge you have honoured the bonds of family and friendship and have proved you are extraordinary young men. Again, I wish to thank you for taking months out of your lives and risking great danger to do all of this for a charity that is so important.

    Always look back on your ocean memories with great pride


  14. Claire Says:

    This could be a long day we are waiting countdown here at the GBYC - arrival time to be confirmed so won’t make any comment on that but it’s not long now. I’m still amazed I have finger nails left………..
    Thank you to everyone who has been supporting the boys - Australia, USA and most importantly UK.
    One soon to be very relieved Mother.
    Claire x x

  15. andrea newall Says:

    Hi Tina - great to hear that Gemma has made it in time to meet the boys in - do you have an eta? Andy x

  16. petesz Says:

    Sooooooooooo cloooosssssee!!!!!

  17. JeremyChristey Says:

    the boys are about 20 miles from the finish

    updating the blog will be from me over the next five hours.

    Eta at the line is about 3pm BST.

    The finish for the land to land record is around the corner at the yacht club two hours further on as they tip-toe around a reef on the top right of Mauritius.

    They have a safe back up plan if they cannot navigate around the reef in the dark. The point they are passing is the ‘Cap Malheureux’, so we will be giving the ‘Cape of Unhappiness’ a wide berth…

    Everything good on the boat. Boys can see the island and it’s getting emotional.

    Will be in touch here soon.


  18. russ Says:

    Amazing stuff… I think I’ve broken the ‘refresh’ button on my laptop!

    Boys, one question. You have got your passports right? It’s a hell of a way back to Oz to fetch them if not…

    With you every length of the way.


  19. jamesgubb Says:

    Quality comment!!! Of course, if you’re Mr Fishbourne after walking 50 miles on DofE you may well do… well car keys anyway.. (Rusty, you’ll know what I’m referring to!!)

    Why’s the main site not updating more often?! Putting myself back in the boat for the first time in few years, imaging what it’s like. Come on!!!!

    Oh, and the sweepstake. If we’re going on nearest slot to the finish time, it’s a race between Gail Drew and Marco Cortese. Gail, if they take a few more hours, you’ve won!!!


  20. Gail Drew Says:

    Oh I was so excited and jumping up and down but I can see that Marco will win as Guy and Andrew will surely come in in the next few hours! Still never mind I am happy to have been second! Well done Marco

    Guy/Andrew, the champagne is in the fridge for the end of our working day today! Bit different to your working day I think.


  21. Gail Drew Says:

    Reading the comment from Jeremy, I think you should give the reef an extremely wide berth to be on the safe side in the dark

    Its nothing to do with winning the watches of course ………..

  22. petesz Says:

    Re Goldie’s post (above): you forgot ’shave’!

  23. russ Says:

    12 miles to go… Give us an update Jem!

    James is it too late to enter the sweepstake?

    (I’ve almost worn away the ‘F5′ on my keyboard - make it quick lads!)

  24. gypmoss Says:

    just seen 12 miles to go…..what an utterly amazing effort and achievment….you must be able to smell that beer on the beech waiting for you now !!! Mike

  25. JeremyChristey Says:

    4 miles from the finish, doing 3kn so ETA at the line 1520 ish BST.

    they have at least one escort boat to accompany them round inc the coastguard, so they should miss the reefs…

    Update coming when they cross the line, then about two hours to the finish, ie dry land for the land to land record.


  26. JeremyChristey Says:

    been looking at the wrong thread for a while - move onto the next one!

  27. pot seeds online Says:

    pot seeds online…

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