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Day 97 - Staying Focused

Hey Guys,

With under 300 miles to go Andy and I are in high spirits as we are starting to allow ourselves to think about how nice it will be seeing everyone on dry land.  It seems strange that our plans for this voyage began over 2 years ago and only now are we starting to realise just how far we have come.  We remain focused however and we do not intend to back off during these final few days, after all there is a World Record at stake!

We are both very proud to have contributed towards the work of Orchid and their efforts in the fight against male cancers.  Our thanks go out to everyone who has sponsored us but remember its still not too late and you will find the link below sends you to our sponsorship pages.  We have realised that anything is possible and together we can all help improve the lives of others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

I had a strange experience this morning which was a definite sign that we are approaching land.  Whilst rowing a strange white parrot like bird flew over head and it was really nice to see some exotic wildlife.

As ever thanks to everyone, the hammer is down and we’re coming home!

Guy out.

Click here to donate money for the fight against the spread of male cancers and support Orchid, the boys chosen charity.

To follow our progress please go to the official Woodvale Challenge site.

16 Responses to “Day 97 - Staying Focused”

  1. Goldie Says:

    You’ve done something that matters to a lot of people

    Well done


    and please hurry home asap so we can celebrate x

  2. John Says:

    I know how focused and how tough you will be now. GOOD! It will be wonderful to see the pair of you again!

  3. Vic Collinson Says:

    Can’t believe that you are nearly there - looking forward to seeing you. good luck for the final few miles. Vic.xx

  4. chrisandsamthew Says:

    Guy Del….what can we say??? I am in awe of you guys, I am telling everyone about it, speaking to all my vendors/purchasers and colleagues.

    Hit those oars and smash those miles apart this is so the making of you guys and will be for the rest of your lives.


  5. xtina Says:

    “They have learnt to survive in the World’s third largest Ocean and they have taken risks not normally taken be experienced sailors”

    I lie with my head in the suns rays as they shine into the cabin window on our flight over towards Mauritius.Having just dropped down from Dubai and close to the Seychelles, I can see the Indian Ocean below me from 40,000 feet up and there are ice crystals on the windows,minus 67 degrees F outside.
    The clouds lie like a soft blanket with some billowing to puff them up, which look like trees.The vast Blue Ocean looks calm from here as the deep blue covers the whole of my view for miles around. It goes on for miles and miles ~ and i can’t imagine the feeling the boys have had (from the day we left them in Geraldton three and a half months ago) day after day on the surface of that Blue!
    I have been watching this for several hours as we smoothly fly over, the planes wing is to my left and it cuts it’s way through the clean.clear sunshine blue.
    I can’t imagine a tiny boat with our two Hero’s in down there,but they are down there somewhere.
    Very suddenly a clear patch of cloudless sky moves , leaving more tiny white crests,these must be the tops of waves. I imagine their journey and can’t grasp the magnitude of the challenge that they are so close to achieving. This is likely to change them for life ~ not many have been here!
    I looked down over the Indian Ocean twice in April and felt a knotted twist in my stomach, that i know is still there, but I am feeling lots happier at the thought of seeing Guy and Andy very soon!!
    I am so proud of their powerful, courageous endurance to conquer this world of the deep and wide Indian Ocean.


  6. rossiteryachts Says:

    We can’t do much more than cheer you onwards. So it’s an extremely loud cheer from everyone in Christchurch. (Actually Katy & I are in Florida, experiencing your sort of heat).
    Anyway all the very best from all of us.

  7. jamesgubb Says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeesss!! Keep it up boys, can’t believe the mileage you’ve made over the last week. As my old rowing coach used to say, it’s the last stretch when you find out if you’re men or not. Come on!!

  8. Claire Says:

    Being sad finding quotes - this is for today!!

    Real athletes row. Everyone else just plays games.

    About to leave for Mauritius this morning - have huge moths in my
    Promise we will get as many photos as poss to send back…………..!

    Claire out

  9. Jem - again Says:

    Cummon girls, how hard can it be?

    Dead proud. More than 1 world record at stake here guy…


  10. KatKnight Says:

    200 miles to go, that is AMAZING, come on boys, nearly home! Wohoo! xxx

  11. Kim and Phil Says:

    Just wanted to say that we have been following your progress having a look at your blog a couple of times a week, you both need to write a book, it’s been so interesting. keep going nearly there , well done both of you
    Kim and Phil Tutton. xx

  12. jenny Says:

    You have made amazing progess since I last logged on. Really good to read Architectural Plants blog and learn more about Guy (!) and also see Tina’s comments above. She and Nigel must be so excited to be on their way to Mauritius for a grand reunion.

    Do hope the last 200 miles go well - “keep right on to the end of the road, keep right on to the end” is all you have to do!!! We all have tremendous confidence in you both after all you have achieved already. On 26 July last year, Guy, you were at Chris and Ali’s wedding - what a difference in the two days a year apart!
    All the very best from us all. Jenny & Peter xx

  13. Ian Chorlton Says:


    200 miles to go now. That is like from Horsham to my home town Manchester or Madchester as the locals call it. Hope that does not make it sound too far.

    While reading through the blog from Angus the other day about Guy trecking up and down a mountain at night on his own I remember Del telling me that Guy used to go out running in the middle of the night round Horsham. Maybe he could not sleep, I am not too sure but as soon as I read the blog from Angus I thought that sounds just like Guy in that he likes to go to the extremes. I am sure the Police had a field day in the week with reports of some random jogger at 2am in the morning!

    I don’t know what they put in those ration packs of yours but it is certainly doing the trick. Do you have spinich like Popeye that suddenly makes you stronger.

    Anyway lads, can’t wait to see you again. Not long now, just one final push and you are there.

    Get in there my son.



  14. trumpet Says:

    Last blog from me…off to experience the delights of camping in cornwall!

    Well done one and all, eyes on the prize!

    Trumpet xx

  15. xtina Says:

    Oh Sarah ~ we have loads of CREAM WE JUST NEED A NURSE!!!

    (looking forward to you getting here.)


  16. suefish Says:

    Can’t believe you’re nearly there - such an amazing achievement and so very proud of both of you. Who would have believed all those years ago in the early days of Forest Boys that this would be happening now!! What stars and inspirations you both are.

    Can feel the excitement of all of you who are in/on your way/about to go to Mauritius, wish we could all be there too. What a party its going to be! Give the boys a huge hug and look forward to you all coming home.

    Come on you men, it’s in the bag!!

    Sue & Geoff xx

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