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Day 99 - Live from the Grand Baie Yacht Club

Well we have arrived - Tina, Nigel, Claire and John!!¬† The flight was good, it’s a long way here and we could say we feel we’ve rowed it at the moment……….but unlike Guy and Andrew we have lagers in our hands and are starting to feel quite chilled!¬† It has absolutely chucked it down since John and I arrived this lunchtime but we now sit at the Yacht club watching a flat calm see feeling the suns efforts on our backs - it’s warm and humid.

It’s quite a poignant site seeing Boats Nos 3, 5 and 13 bobbing around on the shoreline and really strange since we last saw them in Australia.

We believe the boys have slowed down a bit today due to a change in the wind conditions but all is well on board and they are really looking forward to the end.

Advanced welcoming party out.

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20 Responses to “Day 99 - Live from the Grand Baie Yacht Club”

  1. petesz Says:

    Haha, thinking of you sitting on a beach in Mauritius with beers in hand, it’s not that easy to feel sympathetic about your long flight ;)

    Enjoy your time out there!

  2. jellers Says:

    Guy and Andrew, not far to go now, you have done so well, just amazing…keep at it….a a nice warm shower, a comfortable bed, lots of cold beers…you both deserve it. Bet you cant wait!!!
    Well done to you both. We are looking forward to seeing you and hearing all the stories when you are back. Trudy and Martyn….

  3. johnp Says:

    They deserve to slow down a bit - after all they hold the record for the best DTF (distance to finish) over 7 days of 449nm - better than Aud Eamus at a mere 442nm.

    They also share the best 24 hour DTF with Pura Vida. The welcoming party should have another lager or two to celebrate.

  4. Helen Says:

    Xtina , Nigel and co…..so pleased you have arrived in M safely!……..I do hope the lager drinking isn’t too taxing after the flight……no doubt Guy and Andy will soon be there joining you all, and hopefully, not too far behind will be Sarah.
    I’m not sure which she’ll want first…….bath, beer, CHOCOLATE , G and T but maybe it will just be a HUG.
    SO excited for you all!
    Helen ( Sarah’s Mum)

  5. Dione - Petit Says:

    Wow - the boys journey will soon (hopefully!!) be coming to an end with their safe arrival in Mauritius, struggling to find the words for once……!!

    Cannot believe this huge adventure will be over and also wondering how the hell i’m gonna spend all the time i’ll have on my hands when there’s no blogging, blob watching, nm maths, geography tests and thoughts of the boys to occupy me!!!

    Give it all you’ve got leg-ends and see you in Mauritius!!!

    For the last time…..
    ….Petit Out xx

  6. Andy B - Dorking Says:

    Guy & Andrew,

    You must be so elated to be this close to accomplishing such a challenge! I’d imagine you have found energy you never thought you would have at this stage in the race given your eagerness to see land!

    You should both be so proud of yourselves for pushing through all those pain barriers - just a few more days to go - incredible!

    The well deserved celebration in Mauritious is nearly upon you.

    If it helps you, think of the videos that were made for you and in particular the one from my brother and I…..

    KEEP ON ROWING towards that sprint finish!!!

    Andre’ Out.

  7. kirsty Says:

    Guy & Andrew,

    I’ve just started working with Tom and have only just heard about this massive adventure of yours. What a task to set yourselves! I just wanted to say that the support here for you is immense. Everyone’s watching the site and keeping track of how you’re doing. You’re so close to the end now and you should both be so proud of yourselves.

    I’ll keep watching the dot and keep an eye on here until you safely reach Mauritius.

    What an achievement! Not long to go now until it’s party time!


  8. Craig Says:

    Well then boys - only a matter of days now. How bloody exciting!

    Back to (not so) sunny old England, Smith & Western, New Curry Centre, Beer, CD’s, DVD’s, running, the gym, Bar Vin, Shelleys, work, internet, TV, girls, friends, family, Rye, Man United…um - some to look forward to, some definately not on the to do list!

    Seriously boys - i dont know what else to day other than how proud Anna and I are of you, can’t wait to see those beards and chat through everything you have been through.

    Safest last few days

    Craig x

    p.s. “Dutch girls must be punished for having big boobs. Now, you don’t punish someone, Dutch or otherwise, for having big boobs” “If anything, they should be rewarded”

  9. jellers Says:

    Just seen your progress on the site today and I think you should know you are going to have to turn right soon!!!…I am sure its all part of the plan…Great progress, keep at it, you are doing so well…see you soon and make sure the other guys dont close the gap…Guy and Andrew knowing you as I do, I am pretty sure that’s your no 1 priority…Take care..

    By the way I am a bit worried about Craig sending you kisses and all!!! What did you guys get up to in Asia???

    Enjoy the beer and treats when you get there..


  10. wendyking Says:

    Oh my god!!! how amazing have you both been!!!???? The end is in sight now and you will be rewarded for all the hard work and effort put into this challenge. I bet everyone waiting for you in Mauritius have constant churning stomaches as they eagerly await your safe arrival back on land. Enjoy your last few days at sea. and well done to you both. Make sure you pop into Bard when you get back to tell us all about it. lots of love wendy and ryan xxx

  11. rossiteryachts Says:

    Under 100 to go now! - Row it home boys!

  12. russ Says:

    Not long now fellas - almost down to double digits…

    100 days is a long time to spend at sea but soak up the feeling, the view, the atmosphere and the expanse of blue while you can. very soon you’ll have Mauritius in sight and it’ll be a final dash to land.

    btw, with SC posting a slightly better DTF over the last couple of 24hr, has anyone done the maths to see how much quicker than FF they would need to be to give the boys any cause for concern?


  13. johnp Says:

    At the midday update FF had 106 miles to go and SC had 160 miles.

    If FF continue to make the same DTF as they have in the last 24 hours (47.78nm) they should finish late Thursday afternoon somewhere around 5:00pm - at my best guess. To beat this SC will have to up their efforts to more than 72nm per day (about 3.12knots) - which is unlikely.

  14. russ Says:

    Thanks johnp - makes sense.

    Come on those Ferkins!

  15. Roxanne Says:

    Wow !Here we are in the UK suffering the English Summer, whilst the Watts family are holidaying near the Indian Ocean , & as always are waiting for Guy to turn up! Seriously though ,I cannot believe that the race is nearly finished & know that several people (who I will not name) will be both immenselyproud & relieved at the same time! I do hope that johnp is correct , both Guy & Andy will certainly NOT allow their efforts to date to slow them down as it were. I am sorry not to be able to be at the arrival of FF but wish you all so much love & cannot wait to hear all when you return to the UK. And of course read the Book !!!! Rox xxx


    Guy, you’re off the noodle!!!!… can’t believe you’ve been rowing all this time… it’s taken me this long just to log into the website!!!! i’m gonna make a donation tomorrow (payday!). keep rowing son… remember the world is yourz! peace. G

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