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Update - Winning Line Crossed [whoop yeah !!!]

After an epic 102 day row we are ecstatic to tell you that Flying Ferkins - Andrew & Guy, have achieved the impossible and crossed the official Woodvale finish line at 16:40 GMT on Thursday July 30th 2009.

Words can’t describe how thrilled and delighted we all are that they have accomplished the 3,132nm across the Indian Ocean.

More to follow once they reach dry land - this will be the first ever crossing land to land by a pair.

Claire, Tina, Nigel, John, Tom, Gem, Sarah, Mose and Dione out.

42 Responses to “Update - Winning Line Crossed [whoop yeah !!!]”

  1. suefish Says:

    Actually, I know we are all so proud of Andrew & Guy, but I think there needs to be a whole heap of recognition for you parents & partners and brothers and girlfriends and all those who have been right behind the boys all the way - supporting, encouraging, cajoling, keeping the faith and having belief! Hats off to all of you, you can now breathe and sleep easy!
    Oh yes, and PARTY !!
    Sue x

  2. JeremyChristey Says:

    well done girls

  3. johnp Says:

    Soon they will have four world records.

    First pair to row the Indian Ocean
    First land-to-land pair to row the Indian Ocean

    The oldest pair to row the Indian Ocean
    The oldest land-to-land pair to row the Indian Ocean

  4. JoRossi Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! So so so so so proud of you boys!
    I shall raise a glass of champagne for you tonight (despite my swine flu)

    Well done!!!! xxx

  5. petesz Says:

    Congratulations!!! Amazing! :) Really proud of what Guy and Del have achieved. Also impressed at the support that they’ve been shown by family and others. Support team: well done!!

    Guy and Del (will tell you in person properly but…) HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve done so well and added perseverance and real professionalism to enthusiasm. It’s genuinely inspiring and I’m sure this will enable you to encourage others in the future.

    I also take my (metaphorical) hat off to you!

    Pete :)

  6. Tom W Says:

    Two words, COME ON…..! Tom, Kat, & my little mimi x x x

  7. Moses Says:

    Get in!! Absolute feckin LEGENDS, am so so proud of what you’ve achieved, truly incredible!! The beers waiting ………


  8. SunSeaSharks Says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe it - what an effort to overhaul SC and win by quite a way. Well done chaps.

    Can’t wait to see you back in UK


  9. Dione - Petit Says:


    Boys you have done done it - you really are Leg-Ends!!!

    Champagne on ice…..we’re all waiting and can’t wait to celebrate this MASSIVE achievement!!

    Petit xx

  10. JeremyChristey Says:

    the finishing time - just for the record I had 1633 UTC from FF who could well be slightly distracted at the time [?!], and the support boat following FF had a more accurate time of 1640.

    So be it - that’s the time!

    All good - well done girls


  11. Claire Says:

    message from Roger and Malcolm

    Just got the news. What an achievement. We send our congrats we will raise a glass!

  12. Claire Says:

    message from Grannie

    Amazing been thinking of you all the time well done x

  13. DeeandRichard Says:

    Congratulations!! What an amazing effort.

    Dee & Richard

  14. Goldie Says:


  15. missnicolajames Says:

    Congratulations. Amazing achievement. x

  16. minibec Says:

    Woooooooooo!!!! Ditto to everything said on the blog…Move over Fogle & Cracknell, we have two new champions!! MASSIVE congratulations to the two world record holders and everyone involved – what a truly mind boggling achievement. Bet the celebrations are in full swing…enjoy! Lots of love xx

  17. Helen Says:

    congratulations !!
    congratulations !!
    Wow guys. I am so pleased for you, and for Xtina and Nigel too!! and Andy’s family….
    Sarah will be so pleased I shall tell her later!!
    She is still going great guns and hopes to see you inMauritius in a few days time!!
    Enjoy the partying, eating, and being able to stretch your legs………..
    HUGZ to you both and especially to Xtina. xx
    Outey’s Mum

  18. JeremyChristey Says:

    go sarah!

  19. JeremyChristey Says:

    and credit to Southern Cross - the JJ crew were awesome, epic effort from them with their depletion of supplies and rolling the boat as well.


  20. Cuthbert Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS - can’t even start to think how elated you both must be! Looking foward to celebrations in the UK, in the meantime enjoy yourselves and eat and drink everything you have been thinking of.

  21. gypmoss Says:

    not bad lads, now you’ve warmed up what challenge are you going to do to really push you !! absolutely amazing what you’ve achieved, you deserve all the accolades, now enjoy putting all that weight back on in the next few days with a good splurge of gluttony !

  22. JeremyChristey Says:

    Tom has now zipped out in a rib and met up with the boat outside the bay where the yacht club is situated and where Guy and Andy will then step off to get the land to land record.

    That is about 45 minutes away, and I now have to sign off.

    Can only assume that they are about to get it.

    Well done girls - dead proud.

    Jem, out


  23. Flapjacks Says:

    Well done boys, amazing achievement. Get the beers out and have a bloody party xxxxxx

  24. rossiteryachts Says:

    And a huge thank you to all who have kept us up-to-the-minute on the blog - you have done a brilliant job.

  25. Lesli Says:

    Congratulations Guy and Andrew - that was amazing and an incredible achievement, well done!!!!

  26. Ann Mann Says:

    Congratulations to you both.
    I hope you are both managing to stand up straight and walk a few steps.
    John, Harry and I have raised a glass to you tonight. We have never known a record breaker before. We look forward to seeing you all back in UK.
    Love Ann, John, David, Richard and Harry.x

  27. jellers Says:

    Just about to open a bottle of fizz with the Fishbournes…we are toasting your success…WELL DONE to you both, absolutely brilliant…looking forward to hearing all the stories over a beer or 2 when you get back.

    Enjoy the celebrations, and the shower and the nice soft bed!!

    Trudy and Martyn

  28. Craig Says:

    Bloody brilliant,just totally amazing. Words can’t express… Can’t wait to see you both and those beards…
    Enjoy that first beer…
    Craig x
    “Tim Canterbury. Good man. The Canterbury Tales. By Chaucer. And Shakespeare”

  29. russ Says:

    Guys, that really is incredible! Huge congrats from me and Jess. We’re raising a cider in recognition of an amazing achievement. I’m sure you’re catching up with the welcome committee but put a few lines on the blog when you can - we’re all desperate to hear from you!

    Massive thanks to Jeremy in particular for keeping us posted and explaining so much along the way.

    And to Tom, Claire, Tina and everyone else involved behind the scenes - top work, you’ve done a brilliant job.

    Congrats again boys - can’t wait for the party once you’re back in the UK!

    Russ & Jess xxx

  30. maryp Says:

    Sensational achievement, so, so pleased for you both, you truly are an inspirational pair. Enjoy the angel cake, and whatever else takes your fancy - you deserve it. Once again, huge, massive congratualtions. xxxx

  31. wendyking Says:

    Absolutely fantastic!! many many congratulations to you both. Enjoy the celebrations and the joy of seeing your loved ones again. A truly magnificent achievment boys!!! we have raised a glass to you tonight. been watching the blog all day as have many others at Bard. Ryan says he is still waiting for his Spearmint Rhino membership!!! lol!! take care and we look forward to seeing you back over here soon. xxx

  32. minibec Says:

    ‘What you achieved is that ever-elusive victory within…And, gentlemen…I am so proud of you…’ Samuel L Jackson, The Coach


  33. Jill Holmes Says:

    Always knew you would do it. Not only have you both achieved so much but Tina has been on an amazing journey of her own, with you. I know she is bursting with pride as we are. Congratulations to you all.

    Good night you shining stars. Sleep well.

    With love. Jill and David.

  34. AngieandMartin Says:

    Amazing achievement Guy and Andy record breakers - words fail me! Many congratulations, fantastic., fantastic, fantastic. Enjoy your celebrations in Mauritius - and many more when you get home. We echo previous blogs in congratulating your proud families and dedicated support team who have also kept us all so well informed during our blob addiction -thank you all.

  35. Sparky Says:

    About bloody time!

    Legend is a word that is used all too often these days, but you two are a right pair. You’ve earned the plaudits, chaps. Enjoy and see you soon.


  36. Claire Says:

    we’ve all done our bit to keep you all updated Tom has been the mainstay - we wonder what we will do now that this obsession has come to an end.
    So fantastic to see them back they look good despite the weight loss!! The boat is looking pristine though we have only seen it at night in the dark………!
    thank you to all bloggers.

  37. Roxanne Says:

    Oh my G… I have just arrived back in Bournemouth having been in Oxford all day. There was an accident so I was unable to get home earlier, I have been trying to find out how you were etc & have missed all of the action!! CONGRATULATIONS & love to you all in Mauritius xxx Hope to speak soon Xtina x

  38. chrissyg Says:

    WELL DONE! That is a stupendous achievement guys, you are an inspiration to us all - congratulations! Have a lovely time in Mauritius and we’ll catch up on your return, we are so proud of you, love Chris & Ali xxx

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