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On Solid Ground!!!

WE MADE IT!  Wow, we are totally overwhelmed by the support we have had during the race it kept us going every stroke.  Walking is a bit tricky and both are a little lighter than when we started some 100+ days ago.  To get those World Records is the icing on the Angel Cake that was waiting for me at the finish!

That was the toughest challenge we have ever attempted and to win is an indescribable feeling. We are having a well deserved beer here in Mauritius and will update you tomorrow when I stop tripping over my own feet!

A big big thanks to Jem & Tim for their enduring commitment, time and passion to the project & especially for believing in us when we where at our lowest. You won us the race!Again a big thanks to everyone who has supported us and contributed to this blog.

And finally a lot of respect to Southern Cross who pushed us all the way.

Goodnight & thanks from Mauritius



Go to our Gallery where you will see more photographs of the finish of our race!

47 Responses to “On Solid Ground!!!”

  1. Craig Says:

    Del - so happy your all good, how was the haribo?!
    Looking forward to seeing some pics soon mate, even more looking forward to the homecoming!
    There is a night planned for you two up in London - thats all im gonna say, yeeeaahh boy!
    Have an amazing time with the family over next few days and enjoy everything
    Craig x
    “you can reach, but you can’t grab it”

  2. Neil Says:

    Well done Del…all I can say is that my sharing of a room with Guy for a few months pales into insignificance vs your 100 days on a small boat with him! :)

    Truly amazing achievement…can’t wait to see your names in the Guiness book of Records!!! So deserved!


  3. Fishbourne Says:

    Hello boys

    Very many congratulations, suddenly “heros” seems insufficient. Can’t wait to have you back in blilghtly to hear all about it and see some photos. Well done on the record, truly deserved, and now you are a little peice of history - standing, or sitting, on the shoulders of giants.

    Enjoy being back on dry land and we will have a sahndy or two when you get back.

    Big love - Stevexx

  4. Joy and Les Says:

    Well done Andrew & Guy, a real achievement! We have been following your progress on a daily basis. We know your Mum will be very proud of you Andrew!! Have a wonderful CELEBRATION you both deserve it. We look forward to seeing the photos & videos on John & Claire’s return. We will not forget the day you completed the RACE, as it is our Grandson Thomas who lives in New Zealand, 8th Birthday!!
    MANY CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!! from Joy & Les, Laurel Close.

  5. jules Says:

    Congrats Andrew & Guy - fantastic job! You must both be very relieved to be on dry land - bet you’re still swaying though! We’ve really enjoyed following the race with you, & can’t wait to see the pics. Congratulations and WELL DONE! Simon & Julia from Down Under x

    PS Roy Castle couldn’t have said it better:
    Dedication, dedication
    Dedication, that’s what you need
    If you wanna be the best
    If you wanna beat the rest
    Oh-oh dedication’s what you need;
    If you wanna be a record break-er, Oooooh.

  6. gezq Says:

    Congratulations Andrew and Guy from Gerry Quinnell and family in Perth, Australia. (John and Mary’s friend) We have been watching your progress daily, what a fantastic achievement. Enjoy your well-earned celebrations.

  7. Helen Says:

    WOW !!
    I am so pleased for you both. What will Xtina do with all her time now??
    Sarah continues to make greta progress and hopes to be on Mauritius on Monday…………we don’t fly in until 0730hrs though.so I hope she waits for the plane to get in.
    Look forward to seeing you there. …….the first drink will be on me boys!!
    Great stuff!!
    Outey’s Mum

  8. edsimpson Says:

    Amazing amazing amazing! A truly incredible achievement. Enjoy those beers. Looking forward to having you both back. See you soon. Ed

  9. JoRossi Says:

    Unbelievable! You have both done yourself proud!!! Can’t wait for you to get back for some hardcore celebrating!!

    Enjoy a well earned rest in Mauritius boys, I have Yorkies a plenty for your arrival back!

    You are legends!! Well done!

    Little Jo xx

  10. juliadeburca Says:

    Yay!!!!!! I had no idea who was who in the photo, you look so skinny! Well done boys. Now go and eat something for god’s sake!

  11. Jen Says:

    Well done guys!! Del you look so skinny in the pics; as promised all along I will have some haribo waiting in our flat for when you get back and Sarah and I won’t tell you off for eating it!! See you soon x

  12. Goldie Says:

    WELL DONE :)

    Hope you’re having a wonderful time living the dream (and are not feeling too ‘land sick’)

    Look forward to hearing more of your news

  13. Hellsbells Says:

    hurraaaaaaah!!!!! Well done - big hugs all round! I’m going to quote Jules here who said yesterday “That is so amazing!!! It was the fat that did it!!!” Looking at how skinny you are now I am so pleased at the amount of fat you had before you left ! Otherwise there would be nothing of you at all! Am so proud of you boys, see you when you get home!

  14. Goldie Says:

    Amazing pictures

  15. Clemency Says:

    Congratulations guys. What an incredible achievement. Your grit and determination is inspirational, and for the benefits of a great cause too! You must feel so immensely proud. Enjoy your well earned rest!!! xxx

  16. chrisandsamthew Says:

    Congratulations lads. You must be so proud of youselves. Well done on the record, what an amazing achievement. Sit back and relax now, and enjoy a nice cool pina colada or sex on the beach. Was speaking to sam and said about organising a bash round ours when you get back !
    Look forward to hearing from you soon
    Chris and Sam xx

  17. MattYoung Says:




  18. sambailey Says:

    WELL DONE both of you - what an amazing achievement.

    Guy – when you first said you were doing this I thought you were ‘mad’, I still think your mad but ‘amazing’.

    Remember our conversations about ‘shark food?’ – now I’ve seen the pictures I see why you were saved, there wouldn’t have been much to nibble on!

    We watched you progress and routed for you all the way.


  19. Helen W Says:

    I work alongside Neil and he has cheered up many a lunch hour with stories of how you’ve been doing!! Even down to the bucket problems!!! Congratulations

  20. stevechaffer Says:

    Well done Boys, knew you could do it, will deff have to let you both have a big celebratory night when you get back.

    You both are true legends.

  21. Gail Drew Says:

    Guy and Andrew, fantastic

    Cant wait to see you again Guy and hear all your adventures on the high seas

  22. jenny Says:

    What fantastic news - many, many congratulations on your achievement of a lifetime. You have both done incredibly well under so many difficult conditions - it must be very strange being on dry land again! So glad all the family are there to meet you. It has been wonderful reading all the comments during your voyage and a privilege to support you both. I am sure you will be regaling us for a long time on all your adventures!

    Peter, Jenny, Jonathan, Nicky, Alex, Chris & Ali

  23. Claire Says:

    What an achievement by two dedicated friends. Warmest congratulations from John Walsh (UKSA)

  24. russ Says:

    For those in the South Today region, watch out for an interview with the boys at 6.30pm tonight, BBC1…

    The PR machine is whirring…


  25. Claire Says:

    Many Congratulations to Andrew and Guy and everyone who helped to make it happen.

    Trust some champagne will be imbibed. Will have a celebratory glass of wine myself.

    with love from Cyprus
    Jennie x

  26. Claire Says:

    Atlantic, Atlantic! … only kidding

    Congrats to the boys. We’ve been checking their progress on and off over the past few months.
    You must be relieved - is he recognisable ?

    Glenys and Andrew Perth Australia

  27. Jem - again Says:

    Andy wins the prize for the one that most resembles a religious figure on telly


  28. suefish Says:

    Nick says “pretty incredible and very amazing - and not one but two world records! Well done doesn’t cover how you must be feeling, but well done!”.

    Hope you are beginning to find your feet and enjoying proper food again, to say nothing of the beer! Must be wonderful to all be together at this special time. Congrats again.

  29. jenny Says:

    Just thought you would like to know that I was watching ‘South Today’ at 6.45 this evening and there you were. It was excellent coverage and great to hear you speaking, Guy. It made us very proud to be your aunt and uncle! What an amazing way to lose 4 stone!!! Many congrats again.

    Jenny & Peter

  30. Ann Mann Says:

    Just repeating what the previous message said, that there was a report about Guy and Andrew on South today, BBC News, tonight.
    You are now FAMOUS, and I can think of easier ways of losing weight!!
    Love Ann and John.

  31. Lina Says:

    Congratulations!Congratulations! What an achievement!!! to both Guy and Andy. Anyway I knew you would have made it, with all the determination you both had. Claire and Xtina you must be so proud of your boys! Gerard and I are over the moon, even though we have known them for a short time. It was very emotional for me to see them touching the Mauritian ground! I can’t even imagine what it was like for you, Xtina and Claire. In the photos they are hardly recognisable. You just have to fatten them up a little now! and I am sure that the party atmosphere is all around. I am there, in thought, with you. Hope we meet again, if you ever come our way.

  32. russ Says:

    For those of you who missed it, or aren’t in the BBC South region, yesterday’s interview with Guy and Andy is here:


  33. Claire Says:

    Tadeusz is with me and we have been reading the exploits of
    the two heroes. Imagine spending 102 days in such close proximity -
    but you certainly look very happy to achieve their goal!! Also many
    congratulations for the record they set - I’m sure the corks are

  34. Claire Says:

    Congradulations boys. I have been following your progress on the blog with the ups and downs. It is an amazing time to be at sea 102 days!
    Have a well deserved celebration.
    Margo & Alan Spears

  35. dab hands Says:

    Well done Guy and Andrew (and all those who helped you along the way). Absolutely fantastic result and everyone must be very proud. Back safely and with World Records under your belts, it doesn’t get better than that. Enjoy the beers cos you really deserve them!

  36. trumpet Says:

    Well done lads…never in doubt. Can’t wait to see you.

    trumpet xxx

  37. sillygirl Says:

    well done!!!!
    you boys were amazing! cannot beleive how far you come……very inspirational!
    followed you every step of the way
    silly xxxxxxxxxxxx

  38. Katie Says:

    Woooooo Hoooooo!! You guys are complete legends!
    Massive, massive congratulations, can’t wait to do some celebrating when you are both back.
    Great pics….Del I can not get over you with that beard…Tom Hanks in castaway eat your heart out!

  39. JeremyChristey Says:

    Is it just me that keeps checking this site to see if something has changed?

    I must take it off my bookmarks list…


  40. JeremyChristey Says:

    BTW girls, very kind words - much appreciated


  41. johnp Says:

    No Jeremy, it is not just you. I too must take it off my bookmarks.

  42. andrea newall Says:

    Went away for the weekend, but not before I knew that they had made it safely into Mauritius which was really exciting so was really glad to see that people are still blogging. Looking forward to seeing the boys when they get home but am a bit apprehensive about what they might want to do next! Any suggestions - how about some sewing - I know a great teacher! love Andy xx

  43. caz Says:

    Hi Guy and Andrew,

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS from everyone at Orchid, we are over the moon for you. To break not only one but two world records is a phenomenal achievement…where do you go form here!!!!

    I hope you are having some great celebrations out in Mauritius and are enjoying being back on dry land.

    Looking forward to catching up with you when you are back and hearing all your news.

    Take care
    Caz and the The Orchid Team

  44. dyer Says:

    Congratulations from team Cowes! Amazing acheivement, and no doubt you’re already planning your next adventure.

    I’ve put a bit up on the UKSA blog for you.

    Loving your work!

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