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Team MSS - World records

After a successful and safe crossing of the Indian Ocean we felt it was important to explain the records that Team MSS have achieved. There had never been a successful Indian Ocean crossing by a pairs team before Flying Ferkins. We are now recognised as holders of the following world records;

1st Pairs team (assisted or otherwise) across the Indian Ocean
1st Pairs team (unassisted) to have crossed.
The 1st Pairs team (unassisted) to have rowed land to land across the Indian Ocean
Fastest pairs crossing and Fastest Pairs crossing land to land

In addition to these world records we have also achieved a race fleet record 24 hour mileage of 72nm jointly with Pura Vida. Flying Ferkins also managed a 7 day record, rowing 449nm over the 7 days between 19th and 26th July. An average daily mileage of 64nm.

Whilst future attempts to row the Indian Ocean by other pairs may break a number of these records, there is one record that will always be ‘Flying Ferkins’ and that is the land to land record. To listen to an interview with us aired on Mercury FM this morning go to mercuryfm website and click on local news…

Team MSS Andrew and Guy Out

8 Responses to “Team MSS - World records”

  1. petesz Says:

    I think you’re also the first friends of mine to break a world record, so that is another little record right there…

    Well done both of you, great achievement! Looking forward to seeing you back in England.

  2. JoRossi Says:

    I second Pete’s message, I don’t have any other friends who broken a world record either!

    Hope you’re enjoying Mauritius!! Can’t wait to have you back in England (it’s raining here in London) x

  3. xtina Says:

    Magical three days ~

    Thursday the 30th of July ~ 102 days on Flying Ferkins
    As darkness fell our boys came through the reef and into the Grand Bay Harbour water, with flares to light up the area around them ~ home,safe and sound,fit,brown with the Records they have achieved!! We were all shouting and jumping for joy, as they made their first footsteps onto land since April the 14th.

    Friday the 31st of July ~ 103 days on Southern Cross
    We watched James and Jamie do almost the same earlier as the sun was just setting for their arrival, as they came through and down towards the pontoon. Such a happy pair ~ a real treat to see them again, to feel their warm characters and to see them get off Southern Cross and onto land.

    Monday the 3rd of August ~ 124 days on Serendipity
    We watched as Sarah Outen arrived on a jetty, down South, not far from Mahebourg, Grand Port.As she took her first steps we all greeted her and Dippers,such a change from the addiction of talking to her on her blog, it was fantastic to actually meet her,and to congratulate her, as she too finished her solo journey across the Indian .

    Nothing had actually changed, they all wobbled a bit, but they were so strong and smiling to be home. What a privilege, to be part of this unique experience!!


  4. johnp Says:

    And don’t forget that for the time being you also hold the records for the OLDEST in each category.

  5. JeremyChristey Says:

    V cool

    [will stop logging on soon]


  6. JeremyChristey Says:

    just spotted your names in the Ocean rowing society record books, the ‘ the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records’


    very effin cool


  7. Kathryn Watts Says:

    Jem I am just as addicted to this as you and can’t stop looking at the site, even though I know the boys are on dry land. Good to get an update today though for all us IOR addicts! The radio interview is really good and it is so nice to hear Guy’s voice!!I would say you are a “natural” but that would be giving you way too much (considering all the w. records you have now) I don’t want your head to get any bigger little BIL:-) as you say Jem note to self : must take it off my hourly reminder on my calender!
    Kat x

  8. seo Says:


    Team MSS - Andrew Delaney & Guy Watts Indian Ocean Rowing Race Blog 2009 » Blog Archive » Team MSS - World records…

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